Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 4-19-2022

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 4-19-2022

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions4-19-2022 Newshound/Intel Guru MntGoat …All the news is very good. …the CBI once again announced that the monetary reserves are very high. We know the IMF requires just 45 billion for financial stability and they just announced reserves of 70 billion. We know for a fact the reserves are actually around 90-100 billion as they sometimes include the gold reserves valuation in the total and sometimes they don’t.

4-19-2022 Newshound/Intel Guru Walkingstick A caretaker government will not introduce a new exchange rate. A caretaker government is just that, to keep a functioning government body. The new exchange rate will be introduced by a seated government.

4-18-2022 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] There is all kinds of back and forth coming from Iraq. Basically in a nutshell they are saying there will be political breakthrough at the end of Eid Al Fitr. So between now and May 2nd they are looking for it. I think it’s all theatre because they have filed all the necessary paperwork with the UN, World Bank etc…but the chatter from Iraq is to expect something between now and May 2nd. I am still believing its much sooner than that …at any moment.

4-18-2022 Newshound Guru Kaperoni If this event occurs, Iraq will make citizens exchange 1,000 current Iraqi dinars for one new Iraqi dinar. That one new Iraqi dinar would be worth approximately $0.50. In other words, about $500 per million of the current dinar. The research paper published and proposed to the central bank for the currency change in Iraq discusses the specific conditions for the implementation. Those conditions are met therefore it recommends the beginning of 2023. This plan is a neutral currency swap at 1000 current dinar to 1 new dinar. Iraq is discussing a new currency, in essence a re-denomination. Not a RV!

4-18-2022 Newshound Guru Pimpy The faster they get away from depending so much on oil the faster they can create more jobs for the Iraqi people, the faster they can get more people off government assistance the better. Then if they get to stabilize their government I don’t think it’ll be too long after that we’ll see something change in the dinar rate…

4-18-2022 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] Looks like President Saleh and Prime Minister Al-Kazemi will continue their roles in Iraq… I am told Kazemi sticking around could speed up the Rv. Also cause more clean-ups of corruption in Iraq. I am told the budget will get done this week and they have worked out the interim government.

4-18-2022 Newshound Guru Godlover I do not care if the budget is sent to parliament immediately. I do not want the 2022 budget opening before a new government seating & neither should you.

4-18-2022 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan Article: “Iraq.. Expose the reasons for the demands to withdraw the hand of the director of customs” No wonder there is movement on the borders to get compliance, the ISO20022 [electronic data interchange between financial institutions] is in the making already. It has been long over due. This article supports that the time is now not next year…The world is not looking back nor are they waiting much longer for significant change. There no more procrastination and Iraq has shown they know it and have had to react. This is a very good sign… imo..

4-18-2022 Newshound Guru Samson Article: “The Central Bank announces an increase in cash reserves to 70 billion dollars”

4-18-2022 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] Article: “The World Bank announces in numbers the recovery of the Iraqi economy” They go into great depth on just how recovered and how flush and fluid Iraq is…. These dollars will not do them any good in the existing structure or value of the dinar…they really need a value change.