The Guardian: 30,000 Americans Apply To Renounce Their Citizenship

The Guardian: 30,000 Americans Apply To Renounce Their Citizenship

01/01/2022 | 6:13 PM

The Guardian - 30000 Americans Apply To Renounce Their CitizenshipInformation/translation.

A report by the Guardian newspaper revealed that US embassies around the world refuse to process applications submitted by 30,000 Americans who want to renounce their citizenship.

The report, which was translated by the “Information” agency, stated that “Americans wishing to renounce their citizenship have found themselves stuck in limbo, as most US consular missions around the world have suspended special expatriate services for those who seek to officially sever their ties with the United States.”

In recent years, many Americans looking to start a new life abroad have come to view the United States as an abusive country, as the end of the Donald Trump era, combined with the inequalities exposed by the coronavirus pandemic, have created their desperation to be American.”

“The coronavirus has made me realize that in the United States, if you are not a member of the wealthy elite, you have to stand up for yourself without almost any help from the federal government,” said Michael, one of those willing to give up his US citizenship. “The farcical presidential campaign It made me realize that I do not want to become a member of a society where my vote is irrelevant to the manipulation of constituencies or the electoral college.”

He continued, “After moving to Finland, I decided that I would not have a relationship with the United States, as it is a country whose values ​​I no longer recognize, but I discovered with thousands of American citizens that we had fallen into the trap of foreign decisions that disrupt their future aspirations.”

And new research has shown that Americans are giving up their American citizenship in large numbers due to the intolerable political climate and the crisis of the Corona virus epidemic, and among other reasons for some Americans are financial considerations because the United States government has made the burden of being an American more difficult for those who They live abroad. finished/ 25 z