You can buy Ivermectin online

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A family member got covid and was pretty darn sick, the doctors would not prescribe any medication to treat covid.
3 days later was feeling like a new person! Dosage is based on your weight, 12- 15 mgs per day for five days is what the doctor told my family member, he was back to work in 6 days.

I purchased 200, 3mg tablets, FOR HUMANS, not horse de-wormer!! Use your own brain based on all the positive affects it has. It was awarded Nobel Prize in 1995 and shown no drug interactions with other medication.

It cost me $140 including shipping from India, that’s enough to treat 8 people for 5 days. Takes about 3 weeks to get here, stay safe everyone.

I am not a doctor but I bought this to have on hand just in case

Please watch the video I posted on this site called The Story of Ivermectin, it blows my mind.

Here is the link to buy it,