Electricity: a new attack that cuts the national system!

Electricity: a new attack that cuts the national system!

07.07.2021 – 13:37

Electricity - a new attack that cuts the national systemBaghdad – people

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Electricity announced that the electric power transmission lines in the northern region had been subjected to sabotage acts, which led to the lines being suspended from work in Kirkuk governorate.

The ministry stated in a statement, of which “Nass” received a copy, (July 7, 2021), “It appears that the transmission towers of electric power in the northern region took their sequence in the lists of sabotage terrorism, day after day the sabotage penetrated to tamper with the properties of the Ministry of Electricity, with the aim of dismembering the national system between governorates, stopping the ministry’s projects, and draining its infrastructure, whose perpetrators deliberately harm citizens in general.”

The statement added that “the electric power transmission line (Martyr Abdullah Al-Qadima – Al-Dour, north of Samarra), the 132kV battle of the Ajil oil field, was targeted today, Wednesday, July 7, 2021, by detonating an explosive device on Tower No. 12, which was targeted two days ago and was repaired. This led to the line being out of service in the Ajil area in Salahuddin Governorate.”

The statement indicated that “the high pressure electric power transmission line (Kirkuk – Qayyarah) with a voltage of 400 kV was targeted and on the same date mentioned by detonating two explosive devices (155) and a third device that was dismantled on the same tower, which was repaired about a week ago, which led to damage to the legs of the tower,
to The explosion of a third bomb on the tower numbered (156), which caused it to be damaged and out of work in the Al-Mujama`at area near the village of Al-Murra, the Martyr Complex, in Riyadh district in Kirkuk governorate.

The statement continued, “The transmission line (Martyr Abdullah Al-Qadima – Al-Dur North) Samarra 132kV was subjected to a sabotage terrorist bombing on Monday 5/7/2021 also on the same towers that were targeted during the past week, numbered (166-167-168), which was repaired on 6/23/2021″.

He pointed out that “the targeting of the (Kirkuk-Qayyarah Ghazieh) line with an effort of 400 kV is the second in four days, as it was repaired and put into work yesterday and remained in service for a period not exceeding (24) hours after five towers were targeted a few days ago in the Tulul Al-Baj area in Shirqat, and today it is also out of service due to sabotage.”

The statement explained, “These repeated targeting of power transmission towers took a lot of time, effort and money, which is supposed to be devoted to adding new projects to support the electric power system,” noting that “the electrical system has largely recovered from the anger of the saboteurs whose goal is to harm the citizens.” and deprive them of electricity.