Trump plans to create a ‘revolutionary’ social media platform

Trump plans to create a ‘revolutionary’ social media platform

03/22/2021 13:30:14

Trump plans to create a revolutionary social media platform{International: Al Furat News} One of the most senior advisers to former US President Donald Trump confirmed that the latter intends to launch a social networking site that will change the form of communication in a revolutionary way.

Jason Miller, a senior adviser to Donald Trump, told Fox News that the former president will return to social media, but using a special application that has not yet been launched, it will “change the game forever.”

The major social networking sites, Twitter and Facebook, previously banned Trump from using their platforms, after the attack on the Congress building on January 6, which many linked to Trump’s incitement to his supporters.

Miller said Trump intends to launch his own platform within two to three months, without providing additional details.

Jason Miller, a spokesperson for Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign, told Fox News that Trump will re-enter the social media space with a new platform of his own that will “completely redefine the game.”

Trump has met overwhelming popularity on social networking sites, due to his many posts, which were not as elegant and cautious as other world leaders.

The company “Twitter”, on Friday, announced the issuance of an international study for its users on the rules to be applied with global leaders over the network.

These ads come after Twitter, along with other major online platforms, suspended the account of former US President Donald Trump, accused of inciting his supporters to storm the Capitol in Washington in January.