Biden’s son in “Tax Investigation”: I’m being targeted

Biden’s son in “Tax Investigation”: I’m being targeted


Bidens son in Tax Investigation - I'm being targetedHunter, son of US President-elect Joe Biden, announced that he had been informed the day before that he was the target of a federal investigation into his tax status in Delaware.

Hunter said in a statement: “I take this very seriously, but I have confidence that a professional and objective review will show that I have managed my business legally and properly, including with the help of professional tax advisors,” according to “AFP.”

The transition team for Joe Biden stressed in the same statement that “the president-elect is very proud of his son, who had to face terrible challenges, especially sordid personal attacks over the past months, to emerge stronger in the end.”

The outgoing President Donald Trump during the election campaign accused the Biden family of being a “criminal enterprise,” referring in particular to Hunter Biden’s actions in Ukraine and China, at a time when his father was former Vice President Barack Obama between 2009 and 2017.

As Biden Vice President, Hunter Biden joined the board of directors of the Ukrainian gas company, Purisma.

Trump accused Joe Biden, while he was in his previous position, of seeking to fire the chief Ukrainian prosecutor in order to protect “Burisma” and his son from corruption investigations.

The New York Post revived the controversy over the accusations against Hunter Biden, with a report last October that it had obtained documents from a laptop that was Biden’s son, brought for repair in a store in April 2019 in Delaware, but no one has returned it.

According to the newspaper, the shopkeeper gave the computer to the FBI and copied the hard drive.

The newspaper said that electronic messages found on the computer showed that Hunter Biden had introduced his father to a consultant for “Purisma”, Vadim Bugarsky, in 2015, and that the messages contradicted Joe Biden’s statements that he had never discussed with his son his business activities abroad.