The Washington Post reveals secret deals made by the Obama administration with Iran within the nuclear deal

The Washington Post reveals secret deals made by the Obama administration with Iran within the nuclear deal

2018/06/17 17:24

The Washington Post reveals secret deals made by the Obama administration with Iran within the nuclear dealBaghdad today – follow-up

In an article published Sunday, the Washington Post highlighted new details and information about Iran’s nuclear deal, signed by the administration of former President Barack Obama, with Iran headed by current president Hassan Rowhani.

“When it comes to Iran’s nuclear deal, the Obama administration appears to have been a wellspring of deception,” said Mark Tessen, an American journalist. “President Barack Obama failed to disclose secret deals in inspections when he transferred the agreement Which was revealed only by chance when MP Mike Pompeo (current Secretary of State) and Senator Tom Coton learned of this during a meeting with IAEA officials in Vienna, Austria. ”

“The Obama administration secretly sent a plane to Tehran with $ 400 million in Swiss francs, euros and other currencies on the same day that Iran released four American hostages, followed by two other flights carrying another $ 1.3 billion in cash,” Ticin said in his article. “He said.

“The Obama administration has secretly tried to help Iran use US banks to transfer $ 5.7 billion in Iranian assets after its promise to Congress,” said Rep. Rob Portman in a new report. That Iran will not be able to access the American financial system, and then lied to Congress on the act. ”

“In July 2015, US Treasury Secretary Jack Low told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that under the nuclear deal, Iran would still be denied access to the US financial and trade market and that Iranian banks would not be able to liquidate it. US dollars through New York, holding correspondent accounts with US financial institutions, or even entering into financing arrangements with US banks. ”

“But on February 24, 2016, the US Treasury Department granted a specific license that allowed the transfer of billions of US dollars of Iranian assets using the US financial system, which both Lou and Zubin said were exactly” not ” Which is the future absolute Iranian deposit in Bank Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman until the end of the license period. ”

“The Senate investigators found that officials at the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, which regulates US banks’ compliance with the US Penal Code, encouraged two US correspondent banks to transfer money,” Tessen said. Transaction due to the risk of compliance and reputation, as well as legal risks associated with business with Iran. ”

“After the issuance of the licenses, the Obama administration openly denied to Congress that it did so. Both Lou and Zubin failed to disclose the license during their testimony before Congress, while continuing to assert that the Obama administration would not grant Iran access to US financial institutions , When I just tried to do so.

“A letter issued in June 2016 to Senator Marco Rubio and Mark Kirk (officials at the Treasury Department) said that” the Treasury Department does not act on behalf of Iran to enable Iranians to access the US dollar in other contexts of the international financial system, nor do we “We are helping Iran access dollar payment systems outside the US financial system.”

They pointed out that “the administration was not and will not plan to grant Iran access to the American financial system.” And of course this was a clear mistake, “according to the writer.

“The investigators found the emails of the US Department of the Interior, in which officials acknowledged that the Obama administration had exceeded their obligations in the Comprehensive Comprehensive Action Plan (the nuclear agreement) by allowing Iran access to US banks.

“The report also revealed that the Obama administration has put in place more than 200 promotional schemes around the world, encouraging foreign financial institutions to do business with Iran, as long as the rest of the world leaves the United States out.”

The American writer, in his article, that the Obama administration did the following in time:

First, it told Congress that it would not allow Iran access to US financial institutions.

Second, it issued a special permit allowing Iran to do exactly that.

Third, it did not succeed in putting pressure on American banks to help Iran.

Fourth, it lied about what it did to Congress and the American people.

Fifthly, it acknowledged in internal e-mails that these efforts “exceeded” US obligations under the Nuclear Agreement Act.

Sixth, it has sent officials and bank regulators around the world to urge foreign financial institutions to do business with Iran.

Seventh: She promised that she would not get more than a light punishment for violating the US penal code.

“We can remove the words” Obama “and” Iran “and replace them with” Trump “and” Russia “, and imagine the anger that the same thing will happen. The Democrats will hold press conferences. The story will be on the front page, as we hear a lot. These days of the media about the risk of presidential lies, but when it comes to the Iranian deal, we will see that the lies of the Obama administration reached new heights, and of course this is not false news.

Source: Washington Post