Revealing Obama’s recent message to Trump

Revealing Obama’s recent message to Trump


Revealing Obamas recent message to TrumpWhite House officials revealed the content of the last message left by former US President Barack Obama to his successor, current President Donald Trump, before leaving the White House after the end of his term.

Although the message is routine among all the presidents, according to the agency “Agence France Presse,” but Obama’s message to Trump focused on the need to maintain constitutional institutions away from political differences and power struggles.

Observers believe the message’s importance lies in the timing of its disclosure, in which senior Republican officials are critical of the Trump administration, although the message did not exceed 300 words.

The network “CNN” American text of the message, which came as follows:

“Dear Mr. President, congratulations on this great adventure, millions of people pin your hopes, regardless of parties, we all hope for greater prosperity and security during your presidency.

There is no easy recipe for success, and I do not know which advice will be useful to you, but in any case I can give you some insights about the last eight years. Through our work and the examples we provide, we support the global system that has been established since the end of the Cold War. Associated with our prosperity and security.

We are only temporary visitors to this post, which makes us the guardians of democratic institutions and traditions, such as the rule of law, the separation of powers and the protection of civil rights, which our forefathers have long struggled to adopt. No matter how hard political tensions are, we must leave behind the basic tools of our democracy, When we arrived, at least.

In the midst of events and responsibilities, I leave room for friends and family to help you overcome the difficult times that must pass you. I wish you good luck and assure my readiness to help in any way. ”