154 Tomahawk cruise missile, waiting for the zero hour

154 Tomahawk cruise missile, waiting for the zero hour


154 Tomahawk cruise missile waiting for the zero hourNews showed circulation in some news sites in the Internet and in social networking situations on the Korean Peninsula pages as if it is just around the corner of a comprehensive war.

And it deliberated some newspapers reported that the leader of North Korea is a quarter of the population of the capital Pyongyang to leave the city immediately, according to the deployment to be evacuated 600 thousand people urgently in the light of the extreme tension with the United States and sailing strike a US force will reach the region’s water soon.

The site says, “Pravda.ru”, citing reports that the shelters in Pyongyang will not be able to absorb all the inhabitants of the city, therefore the authorities decided to evacuate more than half a million people, most of them have a criminal record in order to accommodate bomb shelters for the rest of the population.

He also mentioned that the newly modified spins for an American ship carrying missiles from the category of “Ohio” carrying on her back 154 Tomahawk missiles will join the naval vessels deployed near the coast of the Korean peninsula and that it will arrive in the region on April 18 / April this.

Furthermore, media spotted in South Korea appearances show that the population of the northern part are preparing virtually all-out war, while the transfer site “Pravda.ru” for Chinese media a few days ago that the additional troops with doctors moving towards the border with North Korea, and that Beijing has massed on its borders 150 thousand troops in anticipation of the influx of refugees from North Korea’s part, which was denied later the Chinese government.

Furthermore, the website quoted Professor Andre Ankov, a university professor who lives and works in Seoul for many years since the United States if it attacked North Korea, the response by Pyongyang’s strike would threaten directly the lives of 25 million residents of the South Korean capital Seoul, which lies close of the border between the two halves.

In addition, the channel “NHK” reported based on the chief secretary of the Japanese Cabinet Yoshihid Suga, Tokyo is preparing to evacuate its citizens from South Korea against the backdrop of rising tension over North Korea.