Zain Cash launches the “Western Union” service: you can transfer money around the world easily

Zain Cash launches the “Western Union” service: you can transfer money around the world easily


Zain Cash launches the Western Union service - you can transfer money around the world easilyYes Iraq: Baghdad
Zain Cash announced the launch of the Western Union service to provide international money transfer services, to send and receive money through a global network that extends across more than 200 countries around the world.

Zain Cash is considered the first electronic wallet that allows its existing and new customers to benefit from Western Union services in its application on mobile phones in Iraq.

Zain Cash currently processes more than 2 million financial transactions per month, and this process is increasing dramatically. Zain Cash provides money transfer services, bill payment, MasterCard and Visa virtual cards, phone balance recharge and government bill payments, in addition to electronic cards and online payments, and now provides international money transfer services through Western Union.

With the addition of transfer services via Western Union, Zain Cash will have the opportunity to fulfill the requests of subscribers regarding the service of transferring and receiving money to and from their loved ones and friends through a safe, easy and completely digital experience.

Users will be able to access this service through the Zain Cash application on the mobile phone, which is available on the “iOS” and “Android” systems.

Zain Cash, the leading mobile payment company in Iraq, is characterized by its network of more than 10,000 cash deposit and withdrawal agents, which are spread and serve in various regions and governorates of Iraq and are constantly growing.

Yazan Al-Tamimi, CEO of Zain Cash Iraq commented, “Zain Cash has always adopted an innovative and creative approach to promoting financial inclusion and developing simple solutions that provide Iraqi society with access to financial services in a fast, efficient and easy way. And through this cooperation with Western Union, this complex process has now become much easier for millions of Iraqis, as it enables them, through a simple process on the Zain Cash application, to send and receive international money transfers instantly in a secure way.”

Hatem Suleiman, Regional President for Western Union in the Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan, said:

“At Western Union, we focus on developing our core capabilities in order to be able to play an effective role in developing, enhancing and developing the financial environment that surrounds the customer. Through our partnership with Zain Cash, we look forward to meeting customers’ aspirations with fast, reliable cross-border money transfer service and easy access to the service. We at Western Union are happy to bring the essence of what we aspire to to new customers and help them transfer money across borders in various currencies.”

Thus, customers can now obtain a Zain Cash account within minutes, and immediately after that, they will be able to transfer funds across borders via Western Union, in addition to the ability to follow the transfer status from within the application. It is worth noting that the Zain Cash application provides integrated digital financial solutions for individuals, small and medium enterprises, companies, public sector entities and non-governmental organizations alike.

It is worth noting that Zain Cash won the award for “Best Innovation in the Telecom Sector” and was nominated for the “GLOMO” Global Mobile Awards 2020 presented by the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSMA), for “Best Mobile Innovation Supporting Emergencies or Humanitarian Cases.” .

Al-Tamimi concluded: “Zain Cash has a firm and strong commitment to Iraqi society, and we focus on providing an important role in the social and economic development of Iraqi society and leading the process of comprehensive adoption of electronic payment solutions.” Adding that Iraq is considered a large human force with a population of 41 million people, in addition to being a young nation, and within this scene, Zain Cash has secured an advanced position for itself to increase reliance on electronic payment solutions and money transfer solutions inside and outside Iraq.