“Wholesale corruption” in the Rafidain Bank… the most prominent reasons for overthrowing its administration

“Wholesale corruption” in the Rafidain Bank… the most prominent reasons for overthrowing its administration

2023-07-10 00:04

Wholesale corruption in the Rafidain Bank... the most prominent reasons for overthrowing its administrationShafaq News/ An informed source revealed, on Monday, the reasons for withdrawing the hand of the Director General of the Governmental Rafidain Bank and a number of department managers and bank employees by the Ministry of Finance.

The source told Shafaq News agency, “The current management of Al-Rafidain Bank, which has been withdrawn, is accused of several cases, including causing waste of public money and mismanagement, and making administrative transfers on the basis of nepotism and nepotism away from the standard of competence and integrity, and the rise of unqualified people to assume administrative positions.”

The source also attributed the reasons for withdrawing the hand to “the delay in completing customer transactions and using the position to achieve partisan and personal goals and objectives in order to stay in the position for a longer period and challenge the ministry’s decisions.”

The source pointed out that “the dollar case is the most prominent file in financial corruption cases, as preliminary investigations revealed that the current administration, along with some department managers and employees of the bank, embezzled large sums of dollars during the process of selling the currency.”

The source pointed out that “there is an important issue, which is the sale of gold bullion, which is no different from its predecessors in terms of corruption in the dollar file,” explaining that “new names of defendants will be issued in several cases soon.”

The source explained that “the recommendations of the investigation committee, which will be announced soon, will include directing penalties to all the accused, transferring them outside the bank, and appointing a new general manager who is characterized by professionalism, integrity and efficiency.”

And yesterday, Sunday, the Minister of Finance, Taif Sami, decided to withdraw the hand of the director of the Rafidain Bank and more than 20 officials, male and female, and employees. According to a document signed by the minister, seen by Shafak News Agency, “Based on the provisions of Article 17 of the Law on Disciplining State and Public Sector Employees No. 14 of 1991 as amended, and based on what came in the initial report of the subcommittee No. 1927, which was duly approved and the powers vested in us, it was decided to withdraw the hand of Those whose names are listed below are employees of Al-Rafidain Bank from the job for a period of 60 days, starting from the above date.

The names included the general manager of the bank, Ali Karim Hussein, the former director of the risk management department, Anmar Abdel-Razzaq, the former director of the human resources department, Sana Mazyad Nasser, the former director of the information technology department, Ahmed Falah Rashid, the assistant chief craftsman Habib Ahmed Habib, and the treasurer Azhar Akram Ahmed.

As well as employees Mortada Hashem Falhi, Ban Abdul Ali Ibrahim, Zulfiqar Jabbar Faisal, Ali Abbas Nuri, Youssef Aidan Balm, Haider Abdul Hussein, Mustafa Ali Mahmoud, Issam Hassan Ali, Osama Hammad Abdul, Ahmed Sabah Abdul Wahhab, Mustafa Haider Sahib, and Salman Basil Salman, Mustafa Jamal Sadiq, Karim Adel Karim, and Janan Zamil Zboun. The order also included “the payment of half their salaries to them throughout the withdrawal period.”