What is the secret of the American ambassador’s concern about the Sudanese government?!

What is the secret of the American ambassador’s concern about the Sudanese government?!


What is the secret of the American ambassadors concern about the Sudanese governmentMahmoud Al-Hashemi
With the announcement of the formation of the government of Mr. Muhammad Shia al-Sudani and its approval in the House of Representatives, the American ambassador began to move and meet with senior Iraqi officials from the Presidency of the Republic to the Prime Minister to the Judicial Council and down to the ministers, to the leaders of the blocs, and it seemed as if it was (the guardian) over Iraq and the Iraqis.!

The ambassador’s tweets also increased remarkably, with or without an accident, until her tweets became the subject of follow-up by the media and analyzed by research centers.

The movement of the American ambassador in Baghdad cannot be separated from the orientations of her country, as she has a long record of working with American and Israeli intelligence, and her experience in the Middle East region and her creation of crises.

One of the reasons for American concern, which was manifested in the activity and movement of Ambassador (Elena Romanowsky), is that America believes that running Iraq through the “coordinating framework” means deviating from the American line and heading towards its opponent (Iran, Russia, China, India)!

The Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani, tried to alleviate American anxiety by visiting America’s friends (Kuwait and Jordan) and reassuring them that Iraqi policy would adopt the principle of

(Balance) in relations and in the interest of Iraq.

For America, these papers are not enough, especially since Al-Sudani’s visit to Iran and the amount of hospitality he received and the wide meetings with most of the leaders, including the meeting with the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic, and what came in the speech of Mr. The expulsion of the American occupation from the region and the files that were all discussed suggest that the government of Mr. Al-Sudani is going to the opposite side of America and the West.

This is not the approach of Iraq only, but the countries of the region in general. For example, Saudi Arabia, which put all its eggs in the American basket on the cities of a century ago, is now aware of the danger of being dragged behind America and involving its friendly countries in more crises. Therefore, we see that Saudi Arabia and the countries of the region are rushing towards China with force

Where the Saudi-Chinese relations are moving at a very rapid pace, beyond trade exchange and cooperation, to building a partnership that goes beyond the economy. It is worth stopping at the announcement of the Saudi Foreign Minister, Faisal bin Farhan K., that the Kingdom ranked first in the ranking of Chinese foreign investment in the first third of 2022.

Bin Farhan also said during a meeting of the Political and Foreign Affairs Committee emanating from the Chinese-Saudi Joint Committee, that Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit Saudi Arabia soon, explaining that three summits will be held between Saudi Arabia, a Chinese Gulf, and a Chinese Arab one, and that Iraq is invited to attend these summits. These summits are taking place now. Foreseeable arrangements in several Saudi cities that the Chinese president will visit, namely Riyadh, Jeddah and Neom. The Saudi authorities are working to ensure that the visit, in terms of appearances and protocols, is no less than that of former US President Donald Trump to Riyadh in May 2017, while at the same time showing the difference in hospitality between the reception of current US President Joe Biden last July and his Chinese counterpart.

If the American ambassador wants to worry, then the matter is not dependent on Iraq only, but there must be a greater concern that includes her fate in the region in general.

The following is the question:

Why not make peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia?

It seems that both countries want to reconcile while they are in a state of strength and complete freedom from any obstacles. Saudi Arabia wants to advance reconciliation with Iran and it is based on a strong and understanding cooperation council and a solid relationship with a country the size of China that guarantees it guaranteed economic activity in the region, transportation movement and political effectiveness, while Iran believes that the coming winter season will make the West in a difficult situation in need of energy and the impact of the Russia-Ukrainian war, and thus the negotiation in the nuclear file will be easier, and will give Iran more space for influence, just as China may be a successful mediator between it and Saudi Arabia later.!