Victory reveals the “basic solution” to the political crisis and warns against this matter

Victory reveals the “basic solution” to the political crisis and warns against this matter


Victory reveals the basic solution to the political crisis and warns against this matterInformation/special.
Today, Wednesday, the leader of the Victory Coalition, Aqil Al-Rudaini, considered the dissolution of Parliament directly and without a prior vision, which would take the political process to the “unknown”, while revealing the only solution to the current blockage crisis.

Al-Rudaini said in an interview with the Information Agency, that “the solution to the current political crisis is represented in the initiative of the coalition and the right to the blood of the Iraqi people through the presence of compromise solutions in dealing with the situation and the existing challenge, which is not to go with a government for four years, and not to dissolve Parliament directly without a vision.” and go into the unknown.

He added: “It is necessary to proceed with a transitional government now and to hold dialogues between the political forces that determine the transitional period and vote on the government, and the amendments demanded by the Federal Supreme Court,” noting that “the Chief Justice confirmed that the current constitution contains many pitfalls, so how can it be dealt with in the The state of dissolution of Parliament?

And the leader of the victory coalition asked again, “In light of a caretaker government and Parliament proceeding to dissolve itself, who will lead the next stage, and how can we go in a certain direction without a vision, or to amend the law and the Electoral Commission in the next stage?”

Al-Rudaini stressed, “In terms of realism in the political scene and the serious challenge facing the Iraqi people, the appropriate solution is the presence of a transitional government capable of amending important laws and preparing to resolve the elections and hold early elections.”

The political process has been blocked for more than ten months. As a result of political differences over the form of the next government, some parties, including the Sadrist movement, demand the dissolution of parliament and the rerun of early elections. On the other hand, other forces, such as coordinating frameworks, are directed towards forming a government and proceeding with constitutional benefits. Done/25 SR