The tripartite budget faces challenges in some of its paragraphs, and the region is the first to lose

The tripartite budget faces challenges in some of its paragraphs, and the region is the first to lose


The tripartite budget faces challenges in some of its paragraphs and the region is the first to loseInformation / Baghdad…
After a difficult cesarean delivery for the tripartite budget, which took place after difficult labor in a dark night, some political parties wishing to do justice to their central and southern provinces returned to trying to challenge some paragraphs of the budget, at a time when the Kurdistan Democratic Party was the first to object to the budget, especially Articles 13 and 14, and it is likely To go about challenging them before the judicial authorities, but some parties confirmed that the region’s appeal would not be in the interest of the people of Kurdistan, who are waiting for the budget to enter into force and implementation.

The representative of the Al-Fatah Alliance, Intisar Hassan, told Al-Maalouma, “The Integrity Committee is in the process of submitting an appeal to the Federal Court in some paragraphs that concern the Kurdistan region, especially since the current budget has put an end to the many violations that were passed to please the governments of the region in the previous period,” a sign That “Parliament is with the southern provinces in fairness in terms of raising the proportions that have been allocated in the general budget, as some of the benefits that Kurdistan obtained were at the expense of the central and southern provinces.”

On the other hand, Representative Ghaleb Muhammad Ali ruled out, in a televised interview followed by Al-Maalouma, that the regional government would resort to challenging the paragraphs of the budget, as going towards such an option would make the Kurds the first loser in the budget, especially since the region cannot export oil and there are salaries that have not been paid. employees, and awaiting the entry into force of the budget in order to disburse the amounts.

On the other hand, the representative of the Sadiqoun Parliamentary Bloc, Ali Turki, confirmed to Al-Maalouma that “approving the budget for three years is an important achievement for the government and parliament, especially since the law was passed amid difficult circumstances amid objections and discussions about the articles of the law, and after this effort made by the House of Representatives There is a fear that one of the articles of the law will be challenged because the appeal of any article will open a wider door to appeal the rest of the articles by some political blocs or independent personalities because they are not convinced of some of the articles.