The Supreme Council: A Parliamentary Session Will Be Held Within Days To Elect A President Of The Republic

The Supreme Council: A Parliamentary Session Will Be Held Within Days To Elect A President Of The Republic


The Supreme Council - A Parliamentary Session Will Be Held Within Days To Elect A President Of The RepublicEarth News / The Islamic Supreme Council revealed that a parliamentary session will be held in the coming days to elect the President of the Republic of Iraq.

The spokesman for the Council, Ali Al-Dafia, said in a televised interview, which was followed by Earth News, that “the coordinating framework, despite all the media attacks that affected it, which talked about” the existence of an internal division and an alternative to its candidate, assured everyone that his only candidate for prime minister is Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani, pointing out.” There is a parliamentary session that will be held within a week or ten days to elect a President of the Republic and complete the constitutional entitlements.”

He added, “The political crisis since the elections until now, its main cause is the closure of the door of dialogue for the sake of understanding between the political parties and the adoption of the principle of compromise among all to achieve the interests of the Iraqi people.”

Al-Dafii continued, “The basis for the difference between the political forces came on the mechanism of implementing reform, which no two disagree with today, on the presence of indications of the current system in need of a real reform process, noting that” there are those who see that the reform process takes place through street mobilization and disruption of institutions and crossing over The constitution and the suspension of the judicial authority, as if there is an inevitable will that wants to cancel the will of the rest of the political forces.

On the other hand, he continued, “there is a national space that believes in the rules of the political process, a constitution and dialogue adopted by the political partners, and parliament and other constitutional institutions should go together to reach a solution to these issues.”

Al-Dafie stressed, “The political process cannot proceed through the abolition of the constitutional institution and the challenge of the legal bases to arbitrate the will and give it priority over the will of other political forces,” explaining that “there is a party that adheres to non-dialogue and does not allow the exchange of views according to a sound constitutional mechanism. On the other hand, there are other parties who represent the space The National invites everyone to sit at the negotiating table.

The spokesman of the Supreme Council concluded that “the coordinating framework has lived strategic patience with those who want to disagree with the constitutional frameworks in order to dissolve parliament and disrupt the country’s institutions, stressing that” the coordinating framework wants a strong government that reassures all Iraqis and its qualifications for success are present for the most important file, which is early and fair elections. different from its predecessor.