“The Sudanese is happy with the bombing of the Americans, but he is against their exit.” A member of Al-Maliki’s coalition

“The Sudanese is happy with the bombing of the Americans, but he is against their exit.” A member of Al-Maliki’s coalition


The Sudanese is happy with the bombing of the Americans but he is against their exit - A member of Al-Malikis coalitionA member of the State of Law coalition from the National Division Party, Abdul Rahman Al-Jazairi, said that Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani is “happy” with the bombing of American bases in Iraq, but he supports the Americans remaining because their exit may lead to security chaos and consequences that will harm the country.

The resistance took its position and issued several statements, and fired missiles at American bases, and the Popular Mobilization Forces is not a party, and it confirmed this in an explicit statement.

Most embassies are protected by the Iraqi government, which says there is a security agreement linked to the coalition and not just the American embassy, ​​and it is binding on the government.

The Sudanese cannot stop the missiles heading towards the American bases in the coming days, and there are strikes from the resistance and others in cooperation with neighboring Iran.

The resistance today is outside Sudanese control and makes its decisions personally, and may affect the Iraqi government, and the resistance is not linked to the Popular Mobilization Forces.

The joint operations include the army, the Ministry of Interior and its leaders, the joint operations of the Popular Mobilization Forces, and the Americans, and they sit at one table together, but the American leadership asked the Iraqi government to prevent the leadership of the Popular Mobilization Forces from entering the joint operations meeting.

Prime Minister, Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, with the Americans remaining, and there is part of the coordination framework of the state administration that says that the Americans cannot leave, because that would lead to a breakdown in the security situation.

The Sudanese is happy to attack the American bases, without discussion, as he is the “son of architecture” and I know him, and the Iraqi people from north to south reject the Americans remaining in the country.

The Americans will not come out with the political decision, but the people will get them out, and all the leaders of the framework and the Sadrist movement agree to get the Americans out.