The second national dialogue session ends with 6 outcomes

The second national dialogue session ends with 6 outcomes


The second national dialogue session ends with 6 outcomesToday, Monday, the outcomes of the second session of the national dialogue called for by the caretaker prime minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi.

The media office of the caretaker prime minister stated in a statement that “in continuation of the national dialogue initiative, the presidencies met with leaders of the Iraqi national political forces at the invitation of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, today, Monday (September 5, 2022), to discuss political developments, and in the presence of the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations. in Iraq”.

The meeting came to an agreement on the following:

1. The conferees affirmed that the developments in the political situation and the differences that led to it bear the national responsibility of everyone in maintaining stability, protecting the country from crises, supporting calm efforts, preventing escalation and violence, and adopting a national dialogue; To reach solutions, they stressed the need for the continuation of the national dialogue sessions.

2 The meeting decided to form a technical team from various political forces; To mature common visions and ideas about the road map for a national solution, and to bring the views closer; In order to reach early elections and fulfill their requirements by reviewing the electoral law, and reconsidering the commission.

3- The attendees emphasized the activation of institutions and constitutional entitlements.

4 The meeting renewed the invitation of the brothers in the Sadrist movement to participate in technical and political meetings, to discuss all controversial issues, and to reach solutions to them.

5- The conferees stressed the necessity of purifying the atmosphere between the national forces, including preventing all forms of escalation, rejecting speeches that are issued or leaked and that cause damage to historical brotherly relations, and address them through the available legal means, in a manner that preserves the dignity of the Iraqi people, their feelings, their entitlements, and respect for religious considerations. political, and social.

6- The attendees stressed the need to achieve reform in the structure of the Iraqi state, and to value the demands to address any imbalance in the political or administrative frameworks through the necessary legislation and effective government programs, with the cooperation of all political forces, and with the support of our dear people, including discussing the foundations of constitutional amendments. And adherence to constitutional options in all stages of dialogue and solution.