The “old perverted woman” continues to poison the society with the advent of Romanowski

The “old perverted woman” continues to poison the society with the advent of Romanowski


The old perverted woman continues to poison the society with the advent of RomanowskiInformation / Baghdad..
The US Ambassador, Elena Romanowsky, succeeded in introducing foreign terms to Iraqi society, in cooperation with political parties and international organizations, to divert the ideas of the conservative Iraqi people towards moral decay and homosexuality.

A member of the Parliamentary Culture and Information Committee, Rafik Hashim Al-Salihi, calls on the political forces to launch a counter-campaign against the US Ambassador to Iraq, Elena Romanowski, for spreading deviant ideas.

Al-Salhi said in an interview with Al-Maalouma Agency, “The American embassy’s publication of publications supporting homosexuality and gender is contrary to laws and diplomatic treaties.”

He added, “America is not content with occupying peoples, plundering their wealth, and spreading manifestations of corruption. Today, it presents us with actions that are inconsistent with the moral and religious values ​​of Iraqi society, and sets rights for them so that homosexuality is protected by law.”

Al-Salihi warned of “the danger of the so-called cultural workshops of the US Embassy under the title “Social Diversity and Gender,” stressing “the need to combat homosexuality and homosexuality in Iraq.”

A member of the Human Rights Movement, Hussein Ali Al-Karawi, had warned against inviting Western embassies in Iraq to promote the fight against violence against women.

Western embassies plot to spread dissolution

For his part, the leader of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Aed Al-Hilali, the US embassy directed towards supporting deviant and abnormal ideas, which are plans to dismantle Iraqi society, while he confirmed that America promotes abnormalities in cooperation with some embassies of Western countries.

Al-Hilali said, in an interview with Al-Maalouma Agency, that “Washington is working to launch these epidemic ideas to infect society with them,” noting that “America has lost its economic strength in favor of many emerging countries and is trying to focus on these files.”

He continued, “It is trying to include these ideas within the international charters, laws and norms that regulate international relations in order to be applied officially,” adding that “the United States of America does not grant financial loans from the World Bank except to countries that recognize and implement homosexuality and homosexuality in their societies.”

And he added, “The Washington embassy’s direction towards supporting deviant and abnormal ideas and gender are plans to dismantle Iraqi society,” adding that “this support falls within plans that have been prepared in advance, in order to be implemented according to time periods in conjunction with global and local events.”

A member of the State of Law Coalition, Abbas al-Maliki, accused in an interview with the information agency, that “the US embassy is funded by parties trying to spread deviant ideas and abnormal topics, while he confirmed that it supports homosexuality, gender (sex change) and the empowerment of women in order to dismantle the cohesion of Iraqi society.” .

Parliamentary demands to remove the term gender

While the advisor to the Speaker of Parliament, Rehab Al-Abouda, accused international organizations of supporting the spread of homosexuality culture in Iraq, indicating that these organizations work according to a clear program to spread all cases of abnormalities in society.

Al-Abouda said, in a televised interview followed by Al-Maalouma, that “there are international organizations that promote “gender and homosexuality” through their programs inside Iraq.”

She added, “Spreading the culture of homosexuality, moral decay, and other negative phenomena aims to destroy societal values ​​in all their details.”

Al-Abouda demanded that “the oversight authorities hold accountable all promoters of the idea of ​​gender, homosexuality and drug use to prevent Iraq’s descent into the abyss.”