The new Iraqi government… Sharing portfolios disrupts the decision

The new Iraqi government… Sharing portfolios disrupts the decision


The new Iraqi government... Sharing portfolios disrupts the decisionIraqi political sources confirmed that the designated Prime Minister, Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani , has not yet decided his government formation, and that differences are still ongoing regarding the distribution of ministerial portfolios. While the names and biographies of candidates for ministerial portfolios have not yet reached Parliament, politicians have suggested that a vote on the government will be held in the coming days.

And the ” State Administration ” coalition , which brings together the main Iraqi political forces in the country, except for the Sadrist movement , had previously confirmed that it would call for a session of the Iraqi Parliament to vote on granting confidence to the government today, Saturday.

Until this morning, the Iraqi parliament did not issue a statement indicating the holding of this session, and the capital did not witness any strict security measures indicating efforts to hold the session. In separate conversations with Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, sources in Parliament in Baghdad ruled out holding a session of granting confidence to the Sudanese government during the next two days.

Until late Friday night, Al-Sudani continued his dialogues with the political forces to reach an understanding on the distribution of the portfolios, but a parliamentarian familiar with the progress of the dialogues confirmed that “the differences are still over a number of ministries, and that the Sudanese seeks to narrow the circle of disagreement so that the number of people does not expand.” Ministries that may be administered by proxy.

He stressed that “Al-Sudani will continue his consultations this morning with the political forces to resolve the portfolios,” noting that no list of candidates for the ministries and their resumes has so far reached Parliament, which indicates that the voting session may be held after two days or more.

The “Al-Hikma Movement”, which is part of the “Coordination Framework” coalition, expected that the voting session on the government would not be held until Tuesday, and a member of the general body in the movement, Karam Khazali, said in an interview with the official Al-Iraqiya news channel, yesterday evening, that “there is currently talk about a contract The voting session on the new government is next Tuesday, because the cabinet line-up has not yet been completed.”

He pointed out that “Al-Sudani relied in his current formation on efficient and fair names, and that the political forces left him complete freedom in choosing them, and holding any minister who proves his failure after his appointment to be held accountable,” noting that “the ministries of defense and interior will be outside the quotas and electoral merit, and the selection will be from The Sudanese were accepted according to the criteria of experience and competence.

Political researcher Basil Hussein confirmed that there are differences over ministerial quotas and positions, and he said in a tweet to him: “The Sadiqoun bloc (representing the Asaib militia) demanded the positions of intelligence and national security, in exchange for relinquishing its ministerial quotas, but Hezbollah Brigades entered the line, and demanded the intelligence agency. , which created a dispute between the two Shiite forces, which means that the state’s intelligence and security services, and perhaps the anti-terrorist apparatus, will all be in the hands of the militias.”

The Prime Minister-designate is making accelerated efforts to form his government as soon as possible, and he must present the formation within 30 days from the date of his assignment, which means that the date of the last session to vote on the new government in Parliament will be on November 13 next.