The cancer of corruption eats the seat of power and throws al-Halbousi out of Parliament

The cancer of corruption eats the seat of power and throws al-Halbousi out of Parliament


The cancer of corruption eats the seat of power and throws al-Halbousi out of ParliamentInformation / Baghdad…
It is no longer hidden from anyone that the smell of corruption that has appeared in various files, especially in Anbar Governorate during the recent times, in addition to the practices and dictatorial actions carried out by the Speaker of Parliament, his entourage and members of his party, which made him an undesirable figure in the province, which made him weak in front of what appeared from the files on the scene At a time when many parties confirm their unwillingness to continue in the seat of power.

The representative of the Rights Movement, Hussein Al-Amiri, told Al-Maalouma, that “the coordination framework has the task of leading the state, and the suspicious moves to pressure it will not affect some files that have not been agreed upon,” pointing out that Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi has reached a stage of weakness after the emergence of many It is one of the files of corruption on the scene, and therefore its useless moves by putting pressure on the coordination framework will not change the workflow that the new government proceeds with.

On the other hand, Dhari al-Dulaimi, a leader in the Anbar coalition, stated to Al-Maalouma that “The Taqaddam Party, which is led by Speaker of Parliament Muhammad al-Halbousi, absolutely dominates the governorate’s capabilities, as it has acquired most of the governorate’s investments, including the tourism facility in the city of Habbaniya, even if it is compared to what Taqaddam gets. Whoever wanted the tourist city and the sums of Al-Wafa’s lands would be equivalent to the sums of theft of the century.”

On a related note, a member of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Ali Al-Fatlawi, confirmed to Al-Maalouma, that “Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi has evaded the budget and evaded his responsibility towards it during the past days under the pretext of leave, which confirms the existence of attempts to obstruct the political process in the country, in addition to that there are many Among the differences within the Sunni component, which seemed clear recently as a result of the struggle for leadership and dominance over decision-making within the component, in addition to that the differences between progress and sovereignty confirm that there is a disintegration that has occurred, especially after the emergence of corruption in the land file near Anbar airport, where the Al-Halbousi party was involved in this Which may be a gateway to losing the seat of Parliament Speaker during the coming period.