Sudanese government intends to go to desalination of sea water

Sudanese government intends to go to desalination of sea water

2023-05-06 01:43

Sudanese government intends to go to desalination of sea waterShafaq News/ The Iraqi Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani called, on Saturday, for “urgent” international intervention to address the low water levels of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, while affirming his government’s intention to go to “desalinate” sea water.

Al-Sudani said, in a speech during the Third Baghdad International Water Conference, that “the water file has become sensitive and important in all countries of the world,” noting that “the water crisis began in the eighties of the last century, but citizens were not exposed because of the hostility in the former regime.”

He added, “We inherited the water problems from the previous regime, and the administrative lack of awareness continued until we reached this stage,” noting that his government “has made the water file one of its priorities, and we have taken many policies, and it was necessary to address the problems with the upstream countries.”

And he indicated that “among the basic treatments is adjusting the winter agricultural plan through the introduction of modern irrigation methods,” stressing that “the next agricultural plans are limited to farmers who use modern irrigation methods.”

He explained that “the current government turned to the expertise of developed countries to benefit from water,” pointing out that “the government is determined to go to desalination of sea water.”

He continued, “The government worked to form a higher council for water,” warning that “water scarcity is a threat to the culture and civilization of Iraq.”

He stressed that “our efforts must focus on removing risks or reducing their risks in order to give our generations a good environment,” explaining that “our discussions with neighboring countries focused on the language of constructive and fruitful dialogue to address the water issue and ensure a fair and equal share.”

The Iraqi Prime Minister stressed that “the decline in water levels of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers calls for urgent international intervention.”