State of law calls for a public trial for Al-Kazemi

State of law calls for a public trial for Al-Kazemi


State of law calls for a public trial for Al-KazemiInformation / special.
Today, Monday, a member of the State of Law Coalition, Ibrahim Al-Sekini, called for a public trial of former Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi over all the violations and thefts that took place in his government.

Al-Sukaini said in an interview with Al-Maalouma, that “Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani must guard against Al-Kazemi until the completion of investigations into all corruption files that took place during his government,” adding that “a public trial must be held for Al-Kazemi over all the files involved in it.”

He added, “It is necessary to reconsider the distribution of wealth among the provinces fairly, from north to south, and not to infringe on the rights of some provinces that have suffered greatly as a result of wrong policies.”

He continued, “There are many personalities who have been given unworthy positions in government institutions.”

And the representative of the State of Law Coalition, Muhammad Al-Shammari, said earlier to Al-Maalouma, that “Al-Kazemi made suspicious appointments outside his powers and decisions that do not rely on legal bases, and he knows that,” adding, however, by saying: “We will demand the next prime minister to reconsider all decisions.” Unconstitutional and legal that Al-Kazemi took during his term as head of the government.