Six Iraqi parties announce a new alliance and present a 9-item map to overcome the political crisis

Six Iraqi parties announce a new alliance and present a 9-item map to overcome the political crisis

2022-09-06 03:54

Six Iraqi parties announce a new alliance and present a 9-item map to overcome the political crisisShafaq News / Six political forces announced today, Tuesday, the formation of an Iraqi political alliance under the name “Iraqi Situation Alliance”, with the aim of “rebuilding the state again.” coming.

The head of the awareness movement, the leader in the (Iraqi Position) coalition, Salah Al-Arbawi, said in a statement that was followed by a joint press conference to announce the alliance and attended by Shafak News Agency, “In light of these difficult circumstances, the accumulated crisis, the conflict of wills and agendas, and entering into the collapse stage, the political forces, which did not Be a party to the conflict and the conflict, which is the (Enough Movement, the Iraqi Nation Party, the Wathiqoon Movement, the United Iraqi Democratic Council, the Faili Front and the National Awareness Movement), to meet in a political alliance that strives with all its efforts to rebuild the state and establish a new rational governing equation far from The equation of failure and corruption imposed by the ruling forces of power and arms,” noting that “we are embarking today on a shameless Iraqi legislature that is neither subservient nor subservient.”

The statement of the Iraqi Position Alliance called on the independent national forces to “organize their ranks, coordinate their positions, and form their fronts in the face of traditional forces and their removal,” noting that “the hand of the coalition will be extended to all those wishing for change.”

The new alliance set “a road map on the current crisis consisting of 9 points, namely: deeming the current period a transitional period and setting its duration to no more than one year, and forming a new mini-government of national competencies far from the parties to the conflict and conflict that will take upon itself the management of the transitional phase.”

The roadmap also includes “the coalition’s call on the esteemed Federal Court to play a positive, constructive role and adjudicate the case brought before it since the fifth month tomorrow, and to instruct the House of Representatives to issue a parliamentary resolution calling on Parliament to dissolve itself in accordance with Article 64 of the Constitution, and to adopt dialogue as a method for resolving political crises and avoiding the language of treason and intimidation.” It is not reasonable to ask for a solution from the parties to the crisis itself.

The provisions also include “amending the electoral law to ensure the requirement of prior national alliances and the adoption of the winning bloc by a majority of seats immediately after the results are announced, preventing the movement of MPs between blocs and setting the threshold for electoral government spending to ensure equal opportunities and re-engineering electoral districts under broad international supervision, and banning armed parties from Participation in the upcoming elections, and the formation of a team of competent jurists and constitutional judges, the Bar Association, civil society organizations, and others, to undertake the task of amending the effective constitution, and the results will be presented to the general popular referendum in the upcoming elections.

The road map also included “the coalition’s call on the independent Iraqi judiciary to open the files of the killers of former and current peaceful demonstrators (Tishreen and the Ashura revolution), corruption and waste of public money, audio leaks, and accountability and punishment of those who caused the loss of the state and its resources.”

The last paragraph of the road map presented by the coalition included “in appreciation of the great efforts and high discipline of the security and military forces and the call for them not to be involved in political conflicts,” noting that “our position remains a shameless Iraqi.”