Romanowski reveals Washington’s position on the Iraqi government and announces a set of understandings: We are happy with the Sudanese

Romanowski reveals Washington’s position on the Iraqi government and announces a set of understandings: We are happy with the Sudanese

2023-06-06 04:03

Romanowski reveals Washingtons position on the Iraqi government and announces a set of understandings - We are happy with the SudaneseShafaq News/ The US Ambassador to Iraq, Alina Romanowski, expressed her happiness at the level of cooperation with the Iraqi Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani, noting that there is agreement between the White House and the Iraqi government palace on energy independence and support for the growth of the private sector.

This came in an interview conducted by Shafaq News Agency, which will be published at a later time.

Regarding Washington’s view of the Sudanese government, Romanowski said, “We are pleased with the level of cooperation with the Sudanese prime minister and his government. We are working hard together to expand the strategic partnership between the United States and Iraq to reach its full potential, especially in areas of cooperation for a wide range of interests that are important to the future of Iraqis.”

She added, “Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani and the United States agree on many areas. We agree on the need to consolidate energy independence in Iraq, support the growth of the private sector, improve the level of public services, and ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS. Expanding relations between our peoples, combating corruption, and addressing the crisis The climate in Iraq is one of our priorities.”

The US ambassador indicated that she attended “the launch of the electronic single window project, funded by the United States, on the 30th of May. The initiative will allow new Iraqi and foreign companies to register easily and transparently via the Internet and will reduce the review of departments, the need for paper documents and opportunities for corruption. You may have been able to Also see reports about the recent visit to Iraq of the Director of the Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).The Office of Transition Initiatives supports the foreign policy goals of the United States by helping local partners promote peace and democracy. to Iraq to see progress on US-funded projects in Baghdad, Mosul, and Basra.”

She pointed out that “Iraqi Airways has received Boeing 737 Max planes that it recently bought, and the first Iraqi plane (Boeing 787 Dreamliner) will arrive in Baghdad soon.”

And the US ambassador continued, “Increasingly, Iraqi investors are opening branches of well-known US agencies in Iraq (such as Pinkberry, Burger King, Cinnabon, KFC, and Pizza Hut). It is clear that the Iraqi public is eager for more from the approval we see in these and other institutions – and we are pleased that We are working to attract more American companies to do business in this country, as a large delegation of representatives of Iraqi companies attended the Franchising Conference in New York last month.”

Romanowski stated, “The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is helping Iraqi entrepreneurs by providing business development services to approximately (6,000) entrepreneurs and more than (570) small and medium-sized enterprises. We have facilitated more than (400) million dollars in investments.” We look forward to a visit of a delegation from the American Chamber of Commerce to Baghdad and Erbil soon, as the delegation represents about (50) American companies to explore future investment opportunities, strengthen the Iraqi private sector, create job opportunities in Iraq and promote trade.”

She noted that the above “are only a few of the many recent examples of how we work together and how Iraq and its people benefit from our ongoing strategic partnership.”