Report: Iran would respond to rocket Israel

02/03/2012 07:47

iranian army manoeuvreBeirut, March 2 / March (Rn) – The “New York Times,” the U.S. estimates that U.S. military experts indicate that Iran would respond definitely, and through its missiles, to any Israeli attack exposed but they will be cautious in its response to the United States. the paper quoted the U.S. for American sources as saying they believe that Iran will launch missiles at Israel and launching attacks “terrorist nature” aimed at staff of civilian and military U.S. 
abroad. According to officials involved in the assessment on the responses Iranian potential Israeli attack, the Iranian response missile against Israel would be almost certain, but that the Iranians will try to monitor the level of their military actions against the United States so as not to give Washington a reason strong enough to launch a major military offensive could cripple Iran’s nuclear program as a whole. the paper quoted an Israeli official earlier said that Iran will be calculated response equilibrium with its capabilities and it will not ignite the fire in the Middle East. She also noted that U.S. officials said Iran could close the Strait of Hormuz temporarily, which will cause more turmoil in global oil markets. the paper quoted retired U.S. general James Kartwight who served as President of Leadership Strategy and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that “the Iranians Masters control the escalation. ” said Kartwight and a number of analysts that Iranian targets would include the 
oil infrastructure in the Gulf and U.S. forces in Afghanistan, where accusing Tehran to contribute to the arming of the rebels. But U.S. officials and Israeli pointed out that the last thing Iran wants is all-out war on its territory Although it is difficult to predict the views of internal senior leadership in Iran. and said, “The New York Times” reports the U.S. recently released which says that there is no conclusive evidence about the start of Iran’s nuclear bomb, but the likelihood of an Israeli pre-emptive strike was the center of attention of an American in the recent period where The United States expressed its opposition to attack on Iran at this time. the paper quoted analysts as saying that if Iran was a blow, they will step-by-suicide if attacked U.S. bases in the Gulf.   Gen. Kartwight that “the balance that will try to achieve the Iranians is to cause damage is large enough, but less than that of the United States requires that the process of invasion “of the territory of Iran. of: Khalil Khalil. Open: Abdullah Sabri