Regional Interior Minister: Al-Sudani will be the most successful prime minister after 2003 if he implements these points

Regional Interior Minister: Al-Sudani will be the most successful prime minister after 2003 if he implements these points

2022-11-17 07:28

Regional Interior Minister - Al-Sudani will be the most successful prime minister after 2003 if he implements these pointsShafaq News/ The Minister of Interior of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Riber Ahmed said, on Thursday, that the Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani, could be the most successful head of the successive governments to rule Iraq after the fall of the previous regime, if he adheres to implementing the points of the political agreement that resulted in the government. current federal.

Ahmed said a speech to him at the Forum for Peace and Security in the Middle East held at the American University in Dohuk, that the current Iraqi government was born as a result of a cesarean section and strenuous efforts, and after a political blockage, and the Iraqi people endured a lot, and that the political process stopped for a whole year and in the end the government was formed.

He stated that “what we expect from this government is the implementation of the political program that was approved,” stressing that this government must “provide the services that the Iraqis are waiting for because the people deserve to be provided with these services, and Iraq can do so because it is a very rich country in terms of natural resources and energies.” Humanity”.

Ahmed also pointed out that “there are many laws that require legislation or amendment, such as the election law, the revision of the Federal Court law, and the drafting and legislation of the oil and gas law, because Iraq does not have a law for oil and gas, and we rely on the 1971 law that was drafted by the previous regime, and we in the new Iraq depend a federal system, and there is another issue related to the formation of the Federal Council.

The Kurdish minister also said, “I hope that the current federal government will be honest and implement what has been agreed upon,” stressing that “we must all support Mr. Al-Sudani and his government because he has great experience in governance, and he has no grudges or any vengeful issues towards the Iraqi people or The people of Kurdistan, and we have good relations with them, and the Kurdistan Region will support them until the moment they are in power and implement the government program.”

He also pointed out that “a fertile ground must be prepared for holding elections, although the last elections were early, but unfortunately they were marred by many political blockages that lasted for a year.”

Ahmed added that there is a strength in the government that all the joint political parties agree on implementing its governmental program, and the Shiite political parties are present in this government, but the weakness in it is the lack of a strong political bloc for the Prime Minister, and this poses great challenges for him, as they were in the previous government. “.

He continued by saying, “We in the Kurdistan Region are condemned to deal with the prime minister, although we do not agree with many points that we see. Many prime ministers said that we are your friends, but most of our close friends hurt us and we suffered because of them. I hope that the Sudanese will overcome these issues.”

He went on to say that “Al-Sudani has many important relations, especially when he was a minister or a member of the Iraqi parliament, and he has always been a friend of the Kurdistan Region and acts with moderation, and this experience is very important and great,” noting that “Al-Sudani thought of an Iraqi and implemented the points that we agreed on. I think he will be the most successful prime minister.” after the year 2003.