Qais Khazali: We have doubts about the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq

Qais Khazali: We have doubts about the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq

5/25/205 16:26

Ayna News – Baghdad

Qais Khazali - We have doubts about the withdrawal of US forces from IraqGeneral Secretary of the Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq movement, Qais Khazali, said on Monday that he had doubts about the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq.

Khazali said in a speech on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, which was reported by his media office, that “the American presence in Iraq protects Israel’s interests in the region,” noting that “we are awaiting the results of the negotiations in June, and the United States should stay away from evasive procrastination.”

He added, “The issue of the foreign military presence and the issue of Iraqi sovereignty was a decision by the Iraqi parliament not to keep the foreign forces and the need for their immediate exit. This decision was followed by a request from the Iraqi government to the United States government that the decision of the Iraqi parliament and the exit of its forces should be ratified.”

He continued: “The most important of all was the will of the Iraqi people, envious and courageous, who refused to keep any foreign forces on their soil. This is the highest decision. As a result, there is a negotiation that is supposed to take place in June between the Iraqi government and the government of the United States of America. We hear that there are American intentions to withdraw “.

Khazali stressed, “As for us, we have our doubts about that, and they are not doubts based on mere mistrust. Rather, our doubts have logical reasons, and its summary is that everyone who is familiar with a simple luck of the international and American political situation knows that the American decision entails Israeli national security, so we know that the American presence In Iraq, it is not primarily for American interests, but rather for the benefit and security of the Israeli entity. So has something changed now that the American forces will withdraw their forces? We have doubts, however we will not confiscate these doubts and say that the issue will not be a withdrawal, we will give an opportunity And wait. ”