Pictures .. Journalist claims he found the tombs of Jesus and his disciples!!

Pictures .. Journalist claims he found the tombs of Jesus and his disciples!!

Palm – claimed Israeli journalist Simcha Aaqhobovic was found tombs of Jesus and his disciples in a cave located under the building in the neighborhood of the British High Commissioner, located at the demarcation line between East and West Jerusalem as questioned Israeli archaeologists health of this and see it in the best case may be people from the followers of Mr. Christ buried there. The newspaper “Daily Mail” that Aaqhobovic and his staff to produce a movie channel “Discovery” documentary introduced through a hole at the bottom of the building arm mechanism is long and the camera to the cave under the building and took pictures of Noawess, a sarcophagus, and the fee the fact of biblical which the prophet Jonah,

or the Prophet Yunus in the Qur’an, comes out from the belly of the whale. The newspaper said that these images not be ridden Badmgh archaeologists, but that all changed what we knew about Christianity and its founder, Jesus of Nazareth. referred to as the “Simcha Aaqhobovic “journalist working in the field of archeology by films and documentaries, and a challenge to Israeli archeology through his films documentaries that analyzes where At archaeological claims to be from the Lord Jesus Christ and in accordance with the provisions of the New Testament. claimed Aaqhobovic in a documentary film produced by a year ago that he found the two screws used in the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ in a cave near the cave, which is spoken around his new film and was found on the sarcophagi. was discovered cave burial, the center of his being, and the cave of his past, through the work of building in the neighborhood of the High Commissioner in the early nineties, but in the wake of violent protests by a group of Haredim, or ultra-Orthodox religious, stop research in the cave was closed and set up a building on it. and returned Aaqhobovic now to the cave to confirm his claim about the cave, the other that if the disciples of Christ had buried him in the cave first, they kept Bamoarh Second, the focus of the film current, Kmedfn for themselves. planning prophet Jonah out of the belly of the whale and works in the crew Aaqhobovic expert on religions, Professor James Taabur and archaeologist Israel Dr. Rami Aarav who works as a lecturer at the University of Nebraska, U.S.. said Aarav on the drawing of the prophet Jonah out of the belly of the whale that “drawing a symbolic quite as paints child rights, a large head and body of the lines “and that this fee is not unusual nor unprecedented in the graphics on the hundreds of sarcophagi that were discovered in Jerusalem today, adding that he has never been the discovery of the sarcophagus was a nominal fee is taken from the fact biblical. considered Aaqhobovic This drawing of a whale confirms the claim that in the cave nearby buried Jesus of Nazareth as the symbol of the whale and Jonah is one of the symbols first Christian religion where and speaks Aaqhobovic the discovery of another was found in the cave, a writing composed of four words in letters of Greek and can be analyzed in several forms but all symbolizes one way or another to the resurrection of the dead. coffins of stone , said archaeologist Israel, Dr. Yuval Baruch, “There is a place to criticize but Aaqhobovic leaves us with the challenge” Contrary to the position of Israeli archaeologists who reject absolutely all claims of the journalist. He Baruch that Aaqhobovic use the camera to film finds that talking about, but lighting were not the best of its kind and that if the fee is for a whale, this is great but can be interpreted the drawing as something like “Spirit”, a symbol familiar painted on sarcophagi, and although this fee distorted in comparison with drawings other Noawess. added critical is essential that the work Aaqhobovic is often isolated from the historical context. suggests Baruch another explanation for the findings Aaqhobovic which they are not Mgarta burial of Jesus and his family, but may Tkonan Mgarta bury a family of followers of Christ first and the Jewish group known in the research as “Christians, Jews,” who lived primarily in Jerusalem and chose some of its naming their children in the name of Jesus and his family. and on the work of Aaqhobovic said Baruch, the archaeologists should be aware that what he is doing Simcha is that it took the profession of archeology, limited to a certain class and around the Indiana Jones (American film talks about the adventures of an archaeologist), a make it tempting to keep and archeology in public awareness, not only by articles in scientific journals, and this aspect we have to thank him. first picture: Simcha Aaqhobovic while searching the second picture: Planning prophet Jonah from the belly of the whale comes out the third picture: stone coffins