Parliamentary Finance: Voting on the 2023 budget next week

Parliamentary Finance: Voting on the 2023 budget next week


Parliamentary Finance - Voting on the 2023 budget next weekInformation / Baghdad..
Member of the Parliamentary Finance, Representative Mudar Al-Karawi, expected, on Saturday, that the House of Representatives would start voting on the 2023 budget next week.

Al-Karawi said, in an interview with Al-Maalouma, that “the Parliamentary Finance Committee is working around the clock in order to resolve the budget items after conducting a long series of hosting ministers, directors and governors to find out the nature of the needs and the possibility of including them in the budget.”

He added, “The budget will be put to vote during the next week,” noting that “efforts are currently focused on reducing the fiscal deficit as much as possible and providing funds for some important items that we see will help create continuity in projects to provide basic services.”

He pointed out that “the 2023 budget includes multiple challenges, and the Finance Committee is trying to reduce them as much as possible, while seeking to reduce loans to bridge the financial gap.”

The House of Representatives has intensified its meetings recently in an effort to proceed with the 2023 budget, despite the challenges in the deficit file and oil prices.