Parliamentary Finance: Approximately 133 trillion dinars operating budget in the 2023 budget

Parliamentary Finance: Approximately 133 trillion dinars operating budget in the 2023 budget

2023-05-09 04:30

Parliamentary Finance - Approximately 133 trillion dinars operating budget in the 2023 budgetShafaq News / The Parliamentary Finance Committee announced, on Tuesday, that the size of the operational budget in the 2023 budget, which has not yet been approved by the Iraqi parliament, is about 133 trillion dinars.

This came during the hosting of the Finance Committee headed by Representative Atwan Al-Atwani, and the presence of its members on Tuesday morning, Minister of Finance Taif Sami, for the third time regarding dismantling the paragraphs and provisions of the General Budget Law, reviewing the expenditure and public expenditure tables, and detailed data.

Al-Atwani pointed out the necessity of discussing the operating budget related to employee compensation, service and commodity requirements, grants, subsidies, social care, and expense and revenue accounts, in order to reach the appropriate notes and tabulate the financial amounts and direct them in the appropriate place, as the operating budget amounted to approximately 133 trillion dinars in the General Budget Law for the year 2023, The investment budget included in the budget was also discussed.

The statement added that the observations of the committee members focused on the borrowing files and the ministry’s plan to increase resources and its procedures in the event of a drop in oil export prices, as well as the differences in oil imports for investment in covering the deficit and compensating the budget, the amount of debt owed by Iraq, and the amounts of internal and external borrowing.

As well as the proposed solutions to address the problem of contracts and wages and the obstacles facing these files and the ministry’s expectations for the volume of expenditures, and the possibility of developing legal texts that contribute to supplementing the state treasury, as the committee requested to provide it with an official letter to see it in implementing the paragraphs of implementing the government program, according to the statement.

In the same regard, the Minister of Finance, Taif Sami, stated that the sections of the operational budget are according to the listed schedules, the actual expenditure, and the distribution of amounts according to the spending units, as well as the mechanism for financing the spending units, the trusts account, and the final accounts. medical scientists, and financing sums of money for them.

According to the statement, the allocations of service requirements such as the Internet, printing, transportation, etc., and commodity requirements related to the sums of formations, financing and processing the needs of the ministries, as well as the amounts of payment of Iranian gas import debts, in addition to the amounts of grants, subsidies, public activity, and the benefits of internal and external debt, were discussed. Sami pointed out that it is not possible to reduce Maintenance budget allocations due to indebtedness and maintenance expenses, in addition to discussing the amounts allocated for social welfare and unemployed salaries.