Parliamentary Finance announces hosting Al-Sudani to expedite the passage of the budget

Parliamentary Finance announces hosting Al-Sudani to expedite the passage of the budget


Parliamentary Finance announces hosting Al-Sudani to expedite the passage of the budgetInformation / Baghdad..
A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Hussein Moanis, announced, on Tuesday, that the Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani, will be hosting the talks on passing the budget, indicating that the differences of the popular crowd and the return of their canceled contracts will be included in the law.

Moanes said, in a statement reported by Al-Sabah newspaper, seen by / information / that “the Finance Committee and the House of Representatives are keen to come up with the best budget that has passed over the past years, despite the challenges,” and indicated that “there is seriousness by the members of the committee in proceeding with the budget without returning it to the government.” Pointing out that “discussions took place in the committee regarding the paragraphs of the budget to prepare a detailed report and introduce proposals and discussions in order to complete and mature all opinions.”

He added, “There is a major challenge represented in reducing expenditures and increasing revenues in this year’s budget, given the high percentage of deficits that intersect with the Financial Management Law,” noting “the committee’s keenness to reduce expenditures, given that there will be a problem during the coming years if the budget is passed in this way.” The great deficit.

He continued, “There is a complete absence of real plans to know the volume of revenues annually, and the committee is always working on estimating the cash quantities that arrive from those revenues, which appear to have decreased to a level less than half,” noting that “the state has given many exemptions recently and the effects of changing the price of exchange rate, in addition to the fluctuation of oil prices in the global market, especially after fixing it at 70 dollars in the budget, which prompts us to hedge on the issue of figures on the level of revenues, and there is also the oil agreement between the region and the center, which is still unclear until now, and what is the role of (SOMO) Will the account in which the revenues of the region be placed be monitored?

Moanes stressed, “The committee is keen to reduce spending because it cannot go towards the operational budget, although all the revenues that enhance the budget go to the operational side, while the country needs a qualitative renaissance, as it emerged from wars and the (Corona) epidemic, in addition to the biggest challenge represented by dismantling projects.” traffic congestion.”

A member of the Finance Committee ruled out the reported intentions to raise the prices of oil derivatives, “as it is a matter for producing companies only,” pointing to the addition of “a paragraph to pay the differences of the popular crowd, national security and examiners in the Ministry of Defense.” He confirmed the closeness of hosting Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani and executive officials to “answer the committee’s questions regarding the budget,” and considered it “a positive point and an integrated issue between the legislative and executive authorities to make the government program a success.”