Obama faces charges to facilitate the work of a network of drugs belonging to “Hezbollah”

Obama faces charges to facilitate the work of a network of drugs belonging to “Hezbollah”

Saturday, December 23 2017 at 10:20 am

Obama faces charges to facilitate the work of a network of drugs belonging to HezbollahFollow-up / Sky Press:

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered an investigation into former President Barack Obama’s administration after media reports accused him of interfering with a probe into a drug trafficking network belonging to the Lebanese Hezbollah.

In a statement, Sessions said the investigation ordered “to assess allegations of improper judicial action and to ensure that everything was done in the right way.”

“This is an important issue to protect the Americans,” he said, adding: “I hope that the previous administration has not obstructed the investigations of the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DIA).”

The move comes after two senior members of the State Control and Reform Committee of the US House of Representatives (Congress) asked for an investigation into the matter.

Representatives Jim Jordan and Ron Disantis asked for an investigation into the role of the Obama administration in halting US anti-drug operations against the drug and arms trade network of Hezbollah following a news report that exposed the allegations.

According to American media, the two representatives, representing the states of Ohio and Florida, wrote in their letter to the Minister of Justice that “the US Drug Enforcement Administration, under the Cassandra project, launched a campaign against the Hezbollah network responsible for transporting large amounts of cocaine to America and Europe. ”

“The government officials involved in the project accused the Obama administration of stopping such efforts against Hezbollah, including attempts to prosecute and arrest key figures in this global network,” they added.

A US news report revealed that the Obama administration, in order to complete the Iranian nuclear deal, stopped investigations conducted by the US Drug Enforcement Administration on a criminal network of the Lebanese “Hezbollah”, allowing it revenues of billions of dollars from drug trafficking.

According to reports, these revenues were used to buy weapons and support “terrorist” operations.

Under the Cassandra project, since 2008, the US Drug Enforcement Administration has been conducting investigations with the help of 30 local and foreign security agencies on the criminal network of the smuggling of cocaine, weapons and money laundering by Hezbollah.

According to an investigative report published in Politico, Obama administration officials “obstructed these investigations.”

In a statement to Agence France-Presse, Edward Price, spokesman for the National Security Council under the Obama era, that the novel described in the Politico report, “did not come to reality.”

“The Obama administration repeated time after time that the negotiations on the Iranian nuclear issue were limited to this issue only,” Price added.

“We have not made any concessions on other issues, and we have certainly not obstructed or attempted to influence any ongoing investigation, including the IAEA investigation.”

“All the conflicting allegations are incorrect,” Price said, adding that “the person behind the published information, in Politico, is definitely working for organizations that oppose the dogma of the Iranian nuclear deal, which the current president, Donald Trump, considers a mistake to be made. Correct it “.

The US-led “5 + 1″ group reached an agreement with Iran in 2015 to freeze its nuclear activities for 10 years with permanent UN monitoring, in return for lifting sanctions.