“Messages and a long wait”… Citizens are dissatisfied with the procedures of “dollar banks” in Iraq

“Messages and a long wait”… Citizens are dissatisfied with the procedures of “dollar banks” in Iraq

2023-03-08 05:36

Messages and a long wait... Citizens are dissatisfied with the procedures of dollar banks in IraqShafaq News / Today, Wednesday, a number of citizens criticized the procedures of government and private banks concerned with exchanging the dollar at the official rate for specific groups for the purpose of traveling outside the country, while others expressed their dissatisfaction with the “poor organization”, the spread of nepotism and connections, and waiting for long hours in front of the buildings of those banks in which conditions prevail.

The citizen, “Ali”, who is a reviewer of a bank concerned with the exchange of dollars, told Shafaq News agency, “The situation is poor, and my wife and I have been waiting since four in the morning until now (2 in the afternoon) in order to obtain our share of the dollar according to the procedures announced by the government and applied by the banks.” Government, but we have not received anything yet,” indicating that “he is waiting for tomorrow’s travel date, and he is still waiting in line.”

The citizen adds that “he and his wife have registered their names to receive this share since yesterday, but to no avail, as a number of people enter through (the wasta), and others without registering names to receive these amounts.”

For his part, the citizen Ibrahim, who is also one of the auditors, told Shafaq News agency, “I have been waiting since nine in the morning without getting the prescribed share of the dollar, and from time to time one of the employees comes out to dictate a list of instructions to us and enters, while we arrived at 2:15 in the evening without registering.” Any progress in obtaining this quota for the purpose of traveling outside Iraq tomorrow.”

He adds, “I checked in other government branches, and the situation is a (farce) as well, as there may be fewer auditors in these branches by a slight difference, as there are about 90 people in front of the bank’s gate waiting to obtain the dollar assigned to them.”

And the citizen continues, “There is a clear misorganization, as it is supposed to organize the names of people who are in a hurry to get their quota due to travel conditions, and to register the names of those who have a space of time and the subject of their travel is postponed until the beginning of next week,” noting that “(Al-Wasatat) and (Group The Tahoe) and (certain women) entered before our eyes, received their money, and left while we waited for our turn.

And an informed source considered, today, Wednesday, that Al-Rashid Bank stopped handing over the dollar to travelers temporarily for three days, indicating that the quantity was depleted behind that, as the source indicated, that “the stop is considered temporary, and the dollar sale process will resume if the bank receives the next share scheduled for it from the bank.” central”.

On Friday, February 17, the official spokesman for the federal government, on behalf of Al-Awadi, announced the adoption of the official exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar at all Iraqi Airways outlets.

And the Central Bank of Iraq decided, last January, to include banks that are allowed to participate in the electronic platform and wishing to participate in selling cash dollars for the purposes of travel, treatment and study.

The bank directed government banks (Al-Rafidain – Al-Rasheed – Trade Bank of Iraq TBI) to expand outlets for selling cash dollars to travelers in the country’s airports (Baghdad – Basra – Najaf – Erbil – Sulaymaniyah).

It is noteworthy that the Central Bank, in cooperation with the federal government, issued strict instructions to limit the smuggling of hard currency outside the country.