Iraq reduces its holdings of US bonds to $40 billion

Iraq reduces its holdings of US bonds to $40 billion

2023-04-18 23:16

Iraq reduces its holdings of US bonds to 40 billionShafaq News/ The US Treasury announced, on Tuesday, that Iraq’s possession of US bonds has decreased to 40 billion dollars.

The treasury stated in its latest table, seen by Shafaq News Agency, that “Iraq’s possession of US Treasury bonds for the month of February of 2023 decreased by 417 million dollars, to reach 40.700 billion dollars, after it was 41.117 billion dollars during the previous month,” indicating that “this Bonds increased by 68.88% over the same month of 2022, when Iraq’s possession of bonds amounted to $24.1 billion.

In the Arab world, Saudi Arabia comes at the forefront of the countries most in possession of these bonds, amounting to 111.706 billion dollars, and the UAE comes second with 64.482 billion dollars, Iraq third, then Kuwait fourth with 39.140 billion dollars, and Oman fifth with 7.061 billion dollars, then Morocco with 3.890 billion dollars.

She pointed out that “the most holders of US bonds are Japan with 1.104.4 trillion dollars, followed by China with 859.4 billion dollars, followed by the United Kingdom with 668.3 billion dollars, and then comes Belgium with 331.1 billion dollars.”