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* (Bingobongo): Dinar Detectives 3/27/12

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3-27-2012 Bingobongo (via Duckyboy):


TampaTom Here —> This Guy Sounds Like Me In a Way or Two!!!

However His First Statement Here:


Is NOT Exactly True!

There is a New Currency Coming – May Not be the Treasury Notes but It is Coming According To My Experts.

Every 40 to 50 Years Like Clockwork Our Fiat Currencies Change –
Especially if You Follow History for the Last Several Thousand Years.

So Outside of This Statement About Currencies,
Everything Else He Stated is Dead and Right On

==> In My Professional Opinion…!!!


Here He Goes On and States:

The Federal Reserve has a 99 year contract with the USA to perform as it’s central bank which is up for renewal this year, that is a fact.

The rumors of all dollars disappearing, debt being forgiven, mortgages being deleted are all CRAP!

I Have Been Stating This for YEARS NOW!!!!

There will not be a “global reset” post-RV.

Granted, many countries will have certain economic infusions and benefits, but things will not drastically change like the rumors out there say they will.
There is/are no “prosperity programs” out there.

If you follow this rabbit hole of information, you find that the same people peddling this crap believe that there is an elite master race of aliens who are disguised as humans and they are going to fix everything.

This rabbit hole goes back 30 years, and just keeps growing and adding to itself, but fraud stacked up on top fraud is still it’s basic element; fraud.

There are no algorithm’s working their way through the RV process.

Notice how that Johnnywg crap was the hot topic and suddenly disappeared after weeks of getting people to buy into it?

Yeah, that’s because it was all lies.

The RV will be activated after 1 meeting, 1 phone conference call, and then 1 push of a button, that’s it plain and simple.

There are no rates getting ready to “drop in”.

The RV is not a game of “Connect 4″ where you drop in your little black or red RV chip, connect 4, and then the banks screens come alive with a new rate.

There is no tube connecting 2 computers together and the RV rate is going to slide down from one to another.

There is no number hovering around in cyberspace waiting to fall into planetary alignment and land on the desk of a FOREX manager.

There will be no $12, $18, $22, $24 rate!

This particular issue is what caused me to write this whole email.

I read some crap online this weekend about a $22-24 rate and I wanted to SLAP somebody.

I hope and pray none of you are dumb enough to believe this stuff.

Lets remember the FACTS;

1) Shabbibi stated a couple years ago that the intrinsic value of their currency could be
as high as $8-12 due to their oil reserves but will not be at that level.

2) The MOST credible documented information I have seen EVER in this whole investment,
was the IMF website that stated very clearly that Iraq was enabled to “restore their currency
to pre-crisis levels (pre-saddam) and to increase that by as much as 20% due to inflationary factors”.



FOREX does not stop/start the RV.

FOREX is a facilitator for exchange, not a market-maker in-and-of itself.

There is no “FOREX Master” who sits behind a desk with a “fresh hot live rate” blinking on his screen awaiting a call from Shabbibi so he can press a button.

It doesn’t work like that.

FOREX sits there waiting to be fed a rate/info FROM THE CBI, period.

This is NOT a “moving target”.

The only reason these morons proclaim there is a moving target, is because they tell you their best GUESS,

It NEVER happens like they say it will, then they proclaim the target has moved…

What if you received an email every single day that said “the RV will happen in 2 days”…
would you believe it after a week, a month, 6 months, a year?
Banks will not have the RV rates on their “front screens” prior to the official RV.

The RV rate will originate with the CBI.

That rate info will be “pushed” to all banks who are connected to the FOREX market.

The RV rate is NOT (and never will be) “making it’s way” through the system.

This is not molasses running down a hill, ketchup coming out of a bottle or a game of dominoes
where you flick one, and 10 minutes later the last one falls.

Electronic information moves at such a high rate of speed it is barely noticeable.

Traders have access to rates that adjust within fractions of a second, and so do the banks.

Information is virtually instantaneous, the RV rate will post on CBI and milliseconds later will be live around the world.

Neither Obama, China, Aliens or blue space monkeys in hats are stopping the RV.

There will be no LOP.

Plenty of articles out there now to dispel this stuff about lopping.

If you still believe in a lop, sell your dinar back to dinar banker,
delete all dinar links and chatrooms from

your “favorites” and move on with your life.

There will not be an RV in 195 countries.

This is such stupid and idiotic rumor, I shouldn’t even be addressing it.

I am BEGGING you to quit believing this garbage.

Save yourself time, energy, stress, etc. and use your brain.

If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not because these people are smarter than you and you just can’t grasp it,

it is because it is a pack of lies that aren’t supposed to make sense,

its all sensationalism and ego with no logic, reason, or accountability.


TampaTom Here Again
==> I Couldn’t Have Stated The Above Post Any Better Myself!

Facts Do Not Lie and All Intel – Rumors – Theories and Opinions in On Any
Forum – Call – Chatroom is Only One Thing and Three Words

==> Total B. S. And That You Can Take To The Bank !!!

Nuff Said ==> Now Have a Nice Day!!!