In Iraq only… a story called the budget

In Iraq only… a story called the budget


In Iraq only... a story called the budgetSami Jawad Kazem
Six months ago, all Iraqi media outlets and Iraqi communication sites talk about the budget, its figures and discussions, so that as soon as I listen to radio news, it is topped by the budget in the Council of Ministers, the budget is on its way to parliament, the budget is still in its final touches, the budget will be distinguished, the budget will be for three years, the budget Tomorrow it will be submitted to Parliament. The budget has now been submitted to Parliament. Parliament receives the budget. Parliament sets a session to discuss the budget. Parliament holds a session to discuss the budget.

If I ask you, by God, a government, parliament, parties and blocs, is there a country in the world that approves its budget, as is the case in Iraq? You discuss and postpone while the Iraqi people are watching a movie of mouths and rabbits.

Undoubtedly, the government and Parliament know that the Iraqi street’s opinion of them does not bode well. Rather, I will add to you the information that the Iraqi street is talking about the essence of Parliament’s discussions regarding the budget, and the reason for its delay is the parties’ and blocs’ attempts to obtain the largest amount of financial allocation for their ministries so that they can benefit, and I do not know whether they will benefit? However, the Iraqi street is disappointed, and you both know this with certainty.

Didn’t years pass on Iraq without a budget? Didn’t unemployment worsen in Iraq? I do not know whether the import of the tutuka was discussed in order to provide job opportunities for young people? Yes, there are ministries, but all ministries feel a financial recovery when the budget is approved, and at the same time the heads of corruption also feel a financial recovery because we are still at the forefront of countries where corruption is rampant, and we do not deny that the fight against corruption is moving at a slow pace, but there is hope to eradicate corruption

I am not pessimistic, but this news about the budget, which has not been approved, is what sends an atmosphere of gloom on Iraqi faces, as they hope for relief.

What is surprising and even boring is the meetings with members of Parliament or the Finance Committee regarding the discussions they have reached, and each member comes to us with a wave of objectionable financial innovations, with laughter on the chins that they hope to approve it soon, and these discussions are normal.

And do you think discussing the budget numbers in relation to its allocations and projects only, or is there bargaining over political decisions that have nothing to do with the budget? Whoever supports the budget wants to legislate a specific decision for an issue that has nothing to do with the budget, and more than once it was hindered by the demands of the Kurdish side that have nothing to do with the budget, and once again it waives A specific right in return for a specific clause that he adds to the budget. This is the reality of the discussions.

The question that arises is how are the government’s financial affairs going during these five months without a budget? Haven’t decisions been issued to install contracts, which are job opportunities despite the lack of approval of the budget, and what is the percentage of the advancement of the Iraqi economy, especially the industrial one, which provides job opportunities that compete with tuk-tukah? Unfortunately, they are waiting for the budget until they receive the allocations in order to spend only.