“Hawlati” Kurdish: Kurdistan region of Iraq may resort to dealing in dollars

“Hawlati” Kurdish: Kurdistan region of Iraq may resort to dealing in dollars


Hawlati Kurdish - Kurdistan region of Iraq may resort to dealing in dollarsHe says the newspaper “Hawlati” The Kurdistan region may resort to dealing in dollars rather than the Iraqi dinar, because most of the provincial resources are now in dollars, financial and economic relations with Iraq in dwindling, which led to the scarcity of the Iraqi dinar in the province, was quoted as scheduled Finance Committee in the Parliament Kurdistan Haifa Mirkan as saying that many countries resort to change the currency if it is exposed to liquidity problems, and dealing in dollars is not new in the region, known as Alkhbayralaguetsada Hoshyar believes that the conditions are right, because the government is distributing salaries in dollars while keeping the dinar because the relationship with Baghdad still ongoing.

In a story last newspaper that reminds a new crisis erupted in the Kurdish parliament as a result of a request by the secretary of the Parliament to the Ministry of Peshmerga requesting weapons and ammunition for the guards parliamentarians, the newspaper said that the request for parliament to the weapons of the Ministry of Peshmerga comes at a time be the ownership of parliamentarians guards Interior Ministry, was quoted for secretary of Parliament Fajrdan capable as saying that the Ministry of Interior did not arming guards parliamentarians, what forced them to demand from the Ministry of Peshmerga, what was seen as Chairman of the Legal Committee in the Parliament this demand violation of the rules of procedure of Parliament considering that the secretary had no right to address the Ministry of Peshmerga in something like that.

The newspaper “howler” and the movement for the Social Democratic Party (KDP) secretary Mohammed Haj Mahmoud as saying that the election of a province in the parliament is not convincing, because the parliament does not fully reflect the opinion of the people of the region all and should not deceive the citizens, and pointed out that the president of the region, and we must elected by the people and for whatever nominate himself for the job, and added that the issue of the referendum on the independence of the province can now postpone, until identify the intentions of Baghdad and its policy towards the region and oil and other file.

The paper quotes in the news last for a provincial government spokesman Sven Dzia as saying that the provincial government that represents all citizens of the province and they can not differentiate in dealing with any of the provinces, the paper said Dzia’s remarks came in response to the Chairman of the Board of Sulaymaniyah province, which the government accused Alaqlm differentiation in deal between Sulaymaniyah and Arbil, and pointed out that the statements Dzia such dangerous thinking that could lead to the division of society in the region and geographically, adding that is the capital of the province of Sulaymaniyah cultural guide and an integral part of the Kurdistan region.

The newspaper “Kordstani nuclei” quoted Anmash health in the region denied the spread of cholera but did not deny the possibility of its spread, the newspaper quoted ministry spokesman sincere capable as saying that any cases of cholera were recorded, and that the ministry is continuing to follow the preventive measures of the disease, adding capable The high temperatures may increase the risk of cholera, spokesman of the Ministry of Health refugee camps devoid of any injury to the disease.