Does Iraq need an international guardianship?

Does Iraq need an international guardianship?


Does Iraq need an international guardianshipIraq is still in a state of political impasse. All calls for dialogue for consensus in order to save Iraq and the Iraqis are still in controversy.

So far, all the warnings issued to prevent the country from sliding into chaos have not been fruitful. The state parties have kept betting on time to stay in power at all costs, as if the early elections that took place had no constitutional, legal or democratic value.

In conjunction with the developments in the situation, some officials launched rosy slogans, contrary to reality, which made them lose credibility with the Iraqi people, who are looking for a way out of their homeland’s crisis.

While many demanded the dissolution of the armed state militias in favor of the National Army, which is the symbol of the Iraqi state, the matter at every step was met with obstructive tactics by well-known parties and forces that dominate the Iraqi decision, especially after they created the blocking third in Parliament… which took advantage of the withdrawal of The largest bloc of Parliament moved to the position of defending the election results after it had long rejected it, challenged it before the judiciary, and went out against it in the street, bringing Iraq to the moment of clash in the street, and turning the “Green Zone”, which was a symbol of security, into a war-warning focus. exacerbating the crisis.

In the essence of the Iraqi crisis, it is not possible to see what is happening today apart from the crisis of the structure of the political system that succeeded the Americans after their invasion of Iraq in 2003, and it is not possible to jump over the regional interventions that made Iraq a platform for achieving the agenda of others in the region, and in both cases the political process did not take place. Throughout the past period, the Iraqi government was based on the foundations of the national state, citizenship and justice, but rather on the sectarian quota system, which was a path to corruption and corrupt, for those who climbed to power and cling to it, and this system produced military liquidity at all levels, which led to the spread of armed militias in all directions, which are militias It has the upper hand in the state and the political system, as it is capable of producing and renewing the cycle of violence at every crisis and turning point. It is also capable of thwarting any change initiative to get out of the political impasse that the country has reached.

This vision is not the result of a pessimistic view as much as it is an expression of the bitter reality, as there is nothing that predicts the possibility of stopping this bitter reality except by miracles, as there are no political miracles in our digital age, all data suggest that Iraq is moving towards an unknown.