Deputy: Al-Sudani’s measures to combat corruption are in the right direction, and we await his arrival to the whales

Deputy: Al-Sudani’s measures to combat corruption are in the right direction, and we await his arrival to the whales


Deputy - Al-Sudanis measures to combat corruption are in the right direction and we await his arrival to the whalesThe representative of the Parliamentary Rights Bloc, Saud Al-Saadi, described the measures of Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani as “going in the right direction.”

Al-Saadi said in a press interview, “The Supreme Commission for Combating Corruption includes the Commission of Integrity, within a legal framework, and an executive force, so that the government is not to be blamed for forming bodies outside the law, and it is a monitoring and security system capable of enforcing the law and achieving the government program with regard to combating corruption.”

He stressed “the necessity of collaborating efforts and coordinating sites so that this oversight system can carry out the duties entrusted to it,” adding, “Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’a al-Sudani is expected from him, and many corruption files are expected from him, and he needs a system capable of exposing files and implementing the law.”

Al-Saadi stressed, “The government needs a clear vision to restore confidence between it and state institutions.”

He continued, “A group of people has been arrested and it seems that they represent the smallest link in the theft of the horn, and the government must have the audacity to reveal the big whales.”

Al-Saadi indicated that “the judicial procedures are continuing to reveal those involved, and some names may be covered up or hidden and not announced for investigative purposes, and the procedures in general are moving in the right direction.”

Regarding the exiled visits to Al-Sudani, Al-Saadi explained, “It is necessary for Iraq to open up to its neighbors and regional powers and play its real role in accordance with its national interest and the principles of good neighborliness. We should not forget that one of the most important keys in the country is external, and there is a violation of water, bombing, occupation and violation of sovereignty.”

He concluded by saying, “The prime minister, after completing the organization and arrangement of his internal papers and launching his government program, must move to the stage of regional movement and international tracks.”