3-26-2012-  SWFloridaGuru  It’s far easier to be happy with this investment when we have a balanced approach and realize currency plays don’t happen over night and that’s ok.  Iraq is clearly on the way to having a tradeable currency once again. All the signs are there and all we can do is monitor progress being made, remain hopeful and see how this plays out. Thank god we’re 9 years into this and the biggest problem we have is trying to figure out what is left to accomplish.  Issues that have been around for years have been resolved and we speculate we’re very close to the end.

3-26-2012- FreewayBill   Everything is being done to try to bring this RV home…If you want to look at who is making it take so much time, look no further than your own country…The rest of the countries are ready…This has been much of the case throughout the last year…The Wizard in the WH somehow has it in his mind that the world revolves around him…Remember this journey in November folks…But the good news is that all is good and the blessing is coming at an accelerated pace.

3-26-2012- Doc  [Post 1 of 2]   We have seen a tremendous amount of contradictory information this weekend.  First that the NC was happening now and then Talabani was quoted as saying it will not begin until April 5th.  Next several articles indicated that the deleting the zeros had already began then one stated that the Economic Committee was studying whether to drop the project.  If that isn’t confusing enough another article talked about a unified GCC currency to take effect 2015.  We have been asked if we believe this is all the smoke before the fire.  We still believe that things like chapter 7, HCl, currency laws, etc. need to proceed the RV and…could  miraculously appear completed this week.  While the situation is encouraging…maintain the big picture focus and don’t take every tidbit of news as THE signal for the RV.   [“continued in post 2…stay tuned”]

3-26-2012- Poppy3   dr. shabibi never stated he would rv prior to the summit but he did say give him the ministers and activate the erbil and he will rv the dinar. The purpose of the national conference was to do just what he ask and as i understand the n/c meetings will take place today and or tomorrow.  the summit is not till thursday and I and all my sources have said anytime prior to the SUMMIT and these pre meeting tomorrow and wed. are not the Summit they are exactly what they said they are, prepatory meeting Planning for the Summit.

3-26-2012- FrewwayBill   Tremendous amount of misinformation coming out…I have heard so many different stories on when the RV will show and what the rate will be, it makes me feel that this is what we are suppose to be seeing right before the end…Confusion is a master’s tool to surprise…Just relax and let this RV unfold right before your eyes.