“Before 2003”.. Al-Sudani: We do not deny the existence of relations of some political forces with countries in the region

“Before 2003”.. Al-Sudani: We do not deny the existence of relations of some political forces with countries in the region

2023-09-22 06:55

Before 2003.. Al-Sudani - We do not deny the existence of relations of some political forces with countries in the regionShafaq News/ Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani said on Friday that some political forces had relations with countries in the region before the change in 2003.

This came during the dialogue session he held at the American Council on Foreign Relations, on the sidelines of his visit to New York, according to a statement received by Shafaq News Agency.

Al-Sudani added, “We went through a painful experience in confronting terrorism, starting with Al-Qaeda and ending with ISIS, but after the victory over ISIS, we lived a new beginning in Iraq,” noting that “the battle against ISIS united Iraqis of all sects and components, which made us move beyond the sectarian, nationalist, and ethnic discourse that Impact on stability.

He pointed out that “competition in the political process is taking place today in accordance with constitutional mechanisms, and there are those who go to the Federal Court or participate in the elections, and this is a healthy sign of the stability of the political system,” adding, “Our constitution has established the mechanisms necessary to carry out the amendment, and it is available and possible for anyone who wishes to amend according to Constitutional paths.

He pointed out, “There are fears of some components regarding a return to the presidential system,” continuing, “We do not deny the existence of relations of some political forces with countries in the region, some of which date back to the period before the change, or what happened later in terms of countries’ support for the political process.”

Commenting on external interference, Al-Sudani said, “We do not accept any external party to be a party to bring about change in the entity of the political process,” noting, “We went through a difficult stage after the 2021 elections, but everyone adhered to the constitutional contexts and we reached a political agreement to form the government, which is a sign of maturity in the country.” political process.”

He stressed the need to “differentiate between the positive relationship with neighboring countries and the negative relationship that reaches the stage of intervention, and every transgression and aggression against Iraq is rejected by any party.”

He continued, “All countries, including America, if they want to establish relations with Iraq, must respect the country’s sovereignty and the will of its people,” adding that “Iraq is a country of components that have lived in an atmosphere of peace for many years, and trying to penetrate its social fabric will not create stability.”

He pointed out that “reforming the economic reality is one of the important challenges, which requires diversifying the economy and not adopting economic unilateralism, and that the needs of the Iraqis are increasing with their population growth and oil revenues cannot cover them.”

Below are the highlights of what Al-Sudani spoke

🔷 We have a vision for economic reform through which we work to invest wasted resources and direct them to vital sectors, such as agriculture, industry, trade and tourism.

🔷 The development road project, Al-Faw port, and the rest of the projects associated with it, will change the shape of Iraq with a new and diversified economic face.

🔷 The importance of investing in associated gas is to address our environmental problems as well, and we have signed agreements to produce electricity from solar energy up to (2500) megawatts.

🔷 Most of the parties that will participate in the upcoming elections are emerging parties.

🔷 The theft of the century involved leaders from the highest decision-making centers in Iraq, and senior officials from the previous government were involved and arrest warrants were issued for them.

🔷 Some of those accused of the theft of the century are in the United States and hold American and British citizenship, and we await the help of these countries in recovering them.

🔷 The Iraqis establish their relations with countries based on their response in handing over those wanted for the theft of the century, and our government will continue to pursue them and subject them to justice, regardless of their positions.

🔷 More than 3 trillion dinars were stolen in full view of the previous government with its security services and the highest levels, and the largest percentage of this money went to banks outside Iraq and we are working to recover the remainder inside Iraq.

🔷 The Iraqi decision is a national decision that does not implement the wishes of America, Iran, or Turkey, and it is a decision based on the interests of our people.

🔷 We are concerned about the situation in Syria because it has terrorist hotbeds and areas outside the control of the state, and there are forces from foreign countries, and the instability of Syria threatens the stability of the countries of the region.

🔷 Drugs enter from Syria due to the presence of areas outside the state’s control, and Iraq, Jordan, and even the Gulf states suffer from them.

🔷 Iraq has many religious and historical tourist sites, and many delegations began to come to Iraq after the Pope’s visit, and the tourism sector falls within the government’s interests.

🔷 We explained to representatives of American companies that we provide all the requirements for a safe environment for investment in Iraq.

🔷 There is no political crisis between Baghdad and the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, but rather financial legal problems that have been overcome through dialogue and understanding, and the region is a key actor in the political process, and an important part of our economic projects that benefit the Iraqis.

🔷 We are currently studying a strategic water management project, the first of its kind in the history of Iraq, for optimal use of it.

🔷 The water file represents an existential challenge in Iraq, and the crisis coincided with the projects of upstream countries that affected our water shares, and there is intense diplomatic work with neighboring countries.

🔷 We are working on a Gulf water desalination project to provide water to Basra and the rest of the southern governorates.