Bartering oil for gas.. Washington is resorting to a new tactic to overthrow the Sudanese government

Bartering oil for gas.. Washington is resorting to a new tactic to overthrow the Sudanese government


Bartering oil for gas.. Washington is resorting to a new tactic to overthrow the Sudanese governmentInformation / Baghdad…
A few days ago, the United States refused to grant Iraq exemptions, as before, in order to purchase Iranian gas needed to operate power stations, which caused a decline in electricity supply hours during the summer peak time and high temperatures, which prompted the government to anticipate the American game, by agreeing with Tehran to exchange gas for black oil, which thwarted the plan aimed at inciting the people against the government.

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This behavior prompted Washington to show temporary goodwill by exempting Iraq for a period of 120 days per day for the purpose of paying gas debts, which revealed the plans for their true nature in front of everyone.

A member of the State of Law Coalition, Abbas al-Maliki, told Al-Maalouma, that “what the US Treasury declared to give Iraq and Iran another deadline that includes 120 days regarding importing gas to operate electrical stations and paying financial dues to Tehran is only a kind of (throwing dust in the eyes).”

He added, “If the American administration was really sincere in easing the suffering of the Iraqi people, it would hastened from the beginning and before making the decision to barter between Iraq and Iran, and allowed the release of large financial payments owed to Iran by Iraq.”

Al-Maliki pointed out that “Washington was preventing the delivery of funds in order to prevent the arrival of Iranian gas and cause an electricity crisis in the country.”

He pointed out that “the electricity crisis would have led to chaos in the Iraqi street, discontent and a large gap between the government and the citizens, and this is what America worked on during the previous years of investing in the electricity game.”

On the other hand, the representative of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Suhaila Al-Sultani, told Al-Maalouma, “The government is moving towards investing gas money in starting operations to develop alternative energy mechanisms, as well as contracting with companies to establish new power stations.”

He added, “The barter agreement with Iran will end all obstacles set by the United States of America to sending gas money, which causes the annual electricity crisis.”

Al-Sultani pointed out, “The government decided to invest the money allocated in the budget to develop the electricity sector.”

On the other hand, a member of the Parliamentary Oil Committee, Kazem Al-Touki, confirmed to Al-Malooma, that “America does not abide by or recognize the agreements concluded between it and Iraq in various fields, as it works according to a specific strategy to primarily serve its interests.”

Al-Toki added, “The American goal lies in making the people angry and stand against the government, and therefore it does not seek to calm the situation at all.”

He pointed out that “the US administration has pressure cards to play with in order to use them against the government whenever the need arises.”

He revealed, “America is exerting pressure on the prime minister to implement 3 files with the aim of obtaining its acceptance and visiting the White House, including the file of the crowd and the relationship with Iran and the elimination of the large political parties that stand against Washington’s policy.”