An “unprecedented declaration”… The extension of the state of emergency in Iraq raises questions

An “unprecedented declaration”… The extension of the state of emergency in Iraq raises questions

2023-05-18 23:21

An unprecedented declaration... The extension of the state of emergency in Iraq raises questionsShafaq News/ The extension of the United States of America’s national emergency related to the situation in Iraq raised questions about the significance and the main message that is intended to be conveyed through this decision, the content of which had not been announced before, which is the need to respond to the American concern about Iraq.

Analysts believe that the decision is routinely issued in May of each year, related to the national or strategic interests of the United States of America, “However, President Biden’s talk about the challenges facing Iraq indicates that Washington is still waiting for serious steps to confront the armed actors that threaten Iraqi social peace.” and pose a threat to Iraq and the interests of others at the same time.”

This was stated by the researcher at the Raman Center for Research and Consultation, Shaho Qardaghi, adding to Shafaq News Agency, “This matter requires the Iraqi government to seriously and genuine will to address these problems that may negatively affect the relations that Baghdad is trying to build in a peaceful and solid manner with all countries of the world, especially with the United States of America.

clear message

For his part, political analyst Munqith Dagher points out that “the American announcement in this way, which was not previously announced, is a clear message that the US government deals with its Iraqi counterpart not on the basis of intentions and statements, but rather on the basis of actions.”

Dagher explained to Shafaq News agency, “The main message that Washington wants to deliver is that there is a major concern in Iraq, and if Baghdad wants to maintain relations, this concern should be responded to.”

Attempt to “sow discord”

The US administration seeks to appear to the world as “in control of Iraq,” and these statements are “an attempt to sow discord and confusion among the people of one people,” according to political analyst Wesal Al-Shammari, noting that “Washington is trying to seize opportunities to show that it is strong, and threatens the countries of the world with the fate of Iraq.” If you don’t obey her orders.

Al-Shammari indicated to Shafaq News agency, “Iraq is currently suffering from obstacles, most notably the budget on which several projects and salaries of new appointees depend, and even the status of the political blocs, and its delay may ignite the anger of the Iraqi street, which will try to topple the government, as happened with the government of Adel Abdul-Mahdi.”

And she confirms, “However, the Iraqi government is trying to accommodate the street and absorb its anger with the projects it is completing, and the security situation is stronger than it was before, and at the same time there are ongoing meetings to complete the vote on the budget items, which is likely to be completed within the next few days.”

The day before yesterday, Tuesday, US President Joe Biden signed a decree extending the national emergency related to the situation in Iraq.

A statement by Biden, published on the White House website, said, “There are still obstacles to the orderly reconstruction of Iraq, the restoration and preservation of peace and security in the country, and the development of political, administrative and economic institutions in Iraq.”

He added that these obstacles “pose an extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of Iraq and the United States of America as well. Therefore, I have decided that it is necessary to continue the national emergency declared under Executive Order 13303 with regard to the stability of Iraq.”

Resolution 13303 on Iraq was issued in 2003 during the era of US President George W. Bush, and it prohibits the export of some special goods, in addition to punishing individuals and entities.