An expert on the theft of billions .. “Finance has become the source of corruption in Iraq”

An expert on the theft of billions .. “Finance has become the source of corruption in Iraq”


An expert on the theft of billions .. Finance has become the source of corruption in IraqInformation / Baghdad..
A professor of economics at Basra University, Nabil Al-Marsoumi, confirmed on Sunday that the stolen money from the Tax Authority is equivalent to the authority’s revenues for 10 years, and is also equivalent to half of Syria’s budget.

Al-Marsoumi said in a post on his Facebook page, which was seen by / the information /: “A few days after the resignation of the Minister of Finance, the technical and the financial and banking specialist, the professor at the American Harvard University and the expert in the World Bank. The Iraqi is trying to reform the Iraqi economy at a time when he was unable to reform his ministry, which has become the source of corruption in Iraq.”

He pointed out that “the Minister of Oil, who performed the duties of the Minister of Finance, was not well versed or an expert in the world of finance and banking, but he discovered the largest theft in the history of Iraq, worth 3.7 trillion dinars from the trust account of the Tax Authority in the Rafidain Bank by liberating 247 instruments to five contracting and oil services companies from From September 2021 to August 2022, this large amount was authorized from the account of the General Authority for Taxes to these companies.”

He added, “The strange thing in the matter is the short period of time during which the amounts were transferred to these companies, which amounted to only 11 months, in addition to the fact that whoever discovered corruption was exempted by Parliament from the duties of the Deputy Minister of Finance, and that the one who signed the book proving the existence of this theft He was the Director General of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Finance, and he was not from a high-level group or any of the specialized financial and banking cadres in the Ministry of Finance.

He explained that “the large size of the stolen or wasted amount, which may represent tax revenues for 10 years, which is equivalent to approximately half of Syria’s budget for 2022, puts us in front of several possibilities. The second is that the sum was invested by the five companies in collusion with some employees of the Tax Authority and the Rafidain Bank. The third is that we are in front of an Indian film that we have not seen before, and politics may play a major role in this scandal, which will enter the Guinness Book of Records.”