Among them is “ISIS”.. Disclosure of Washington’s pressure cards on the Sudanese government

Among them is “ISIS”.. Disclosure of Washington’s pressure cards on the Sudanese government


Among them is ISIS.. Disclosure of Washingtons pressure cards on the Sudanese governmentInformation / special.
Today, Wednesday, the State of Law Coalition revealed the cards that the United States of America uses to pressure the current government with the aim of agreeing to its demands, while stressing that the terrorist attacks represent one of these cards to prevent the country from developing and heading towards China.

The leader of the coalition, Wael al-Rikabi, said in an interview with Al-Maloma agency, that “Washington has several cards that it tries to use whenever the country reaches a point of preserving its prestige and searching for the realization of its interests,” noting that “the White House’s papers in Iraq are many, including Washington’s ambassador.” Baghdad and its suspicious movements.

He added, “The other card that America has is represented by the terrorist ISIS gangs and the terrorism file, and bringing criminals into the western and northern regions, as happened with the recent attacks in Tarmiya, Salah al-Din, and others.”

The leader in Maliki’s coalition said, “The other thing is the inclination of some political parties to it,” pointing out that “all these cards represent basic pillars for Washington to use when you want.”

And he stated, “America is trying to use these cards in order to put pressure on the Sudanese government to respond to its demands and not to go towards China and move away from it.”

Earlier, the security expert, Aqil Al-Taei, saw that Washington’s interests in Iraq had become threatened under the Sudanese government, which worried the US administration and Washington’s ambassador with his recent moves, which prompted it to use the old “terrorism” policy.