American website: The US ambassador acts as the High Commissioner in Iraq

American website: The US ambassador acts as the High Commissioner in Iraq


American website - The US ambassador acts as the High Commissioner in IraqInformation/translation.
A report by the American MEMRI website considered that the actions of the US ambassador to Iraq, Elena Romanovsky, are raising a lot of anger and questions inside Iraq, especially in light of her intense and suspicious activity, as if she is the High Commissioner and not an ambassador in a sovereign Iraqi state.

The report, which was translated by the agency / information /, stated that “the US Ambassador Romanowski had started her career as an analyst in the CIA and other government agencies and held the position of US ambassador to Kuwait before her appointment to Iraq and since assuming her new position in June of 2022, she held many meetings.” With senior officials, ministers, and tribal leaders in Iraq, restaurants, museums, and branches of American restaurant chains were opened in the country, which sparked a lot of reactions from the Iraqi public.

The report added that “many in Iraq considered her activities to deviate from accepted diplomatic practices and constitute an explicit interference in Iraqi internal affairs, while many critics called for the expulsion of the US ambassador, while others attributed her unacceptable behavior to the weakness of the Iraqi state.”

He continued, “Many of the angry people criticized her initiatives, such as providing so-called support to Iraqi businesswomen and civil society organizations,” considering that “a looting of Iraqi resources and an attempt to sow division and conflict among the Iraqi people.”

The report stated that “a number of political blocs in the Iraqi parliament called for summoning the Iraqi Foreign Minister, Fouad Hussein, to a hearing session to discuss the US ambassador’s interference in Iraqi affairs, while the spokesman for the (Truthful) Movement, Muhammad al-Baldawi, said that the movement intends to make efforts to remove Romanovsky from her position because of her suspicious activity.” Which is not in line with diplomatic norms, and because she has, since her appointment, conducted her work in her capacity as High Commissioner for Iraq.

The report indicated that “a number of Iraqi writers criticized Romanovsky for behaving like the civil ruler in the country, as if Iraq was not a sovereign state, while others described her as the feminist version of the former civil ruler, Paul Bremer.”