American newspaper: China turns solar energy in Iraq into reality

American newspaper: China turns solar energy in Iraq into reality


American newspaper - China turns solar energy in Iraq into realityInformation/translation.
A report by the American Al-Monitor newspaper confirmed, on Monday, that China has turned solar energy in Iraq into a reality, as the country continues its endeavor to provide electricity to its citizens, as cheap Chinese technology brings Baghdad and Kurdistan to move towards renewable energy sources, while deepening Beijing’s influence in the Middle East region.

The report, which was translated by the agency / information /, stated that “with the development of China’s strategy for climate change, China has become a global market for solar energy, and according to John Calabrese, a senior fellow at the Middle East Institute,” it could herald a greater role for China in the growing renewable energy sector in the Middle East region. Middle and North Africa, especially in the production of solar energy, as thanks to China, solar energy in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan has become a reality at the official government levels as well as at the level of companies and individuals.

He added, “The Iraqi government seeks to produce up to 12 gigawatts of solar energy by 2030, and the Iraqi Council of Ministers has approved a proposal worth $520.23 million to establish a solar energy plant in the governorates of Muthanna and Basra in cooperation with Power Japan, as set by the Prime Minister.” The Kurdistan Regional Government laid the foundation stone for a solar power plant with a capacity of 25 megawatts.

“Chinese policies and growing domestic demand enabled capacity savings and supported continuous innovation throughout the supply chain, resulting in cost reductions of more than 80 percent and making China the sole source of most solar technologies in the world,” the report said.

And he indicated, “The chronic inability of the governments of Iraq and Kurdistan to deal with the growing demand for electricity has made solar energy a viable alternative source, and since the materials are affordable, accessible, and easy to import from China, small and medium-sized solar plants have proliferated, especially in installation and supplies.”

“Chinese progress in solar energy technology will change China’s reputation in many ways, such as increasing confidence in Chinese high-tech. This will also enhance China’s soft power strategy and expand its economic influence,” he noted.