American forces push huge military reinforcements to Ain al-Assad

American forces push huge military reinforcements to Ain al-Assad


American forces push huge military reinforcements to Ain al-AssadInformation/Anbar…
A security source reported, on Monday, that American forces sent military reinforcements to the Ain al-Asad base, west of Anbar.

The source said in a statement to the Al-Ma’louma Agency, “The American forces sent large military reinforcements, carried on trucks, and arrived at the Ain Al-Assad base in the Al-Baghdadi district of Hit district, west of Anbar, without knowing the real reasons behind this measure, which coincided with the increased targeting of the base building with attacks.” missiles and drones during the current week.”

He added, “The reinforcements that arrived at the base building include Braddam tanks and military equipment,” noting that “these reinforcements may be transferred from the Ain al-Assad base toward the Syrian al-Tanf port base, as the American forces do not need tanks to perform their tasks in the western regions.” “.

He explained, “The security forces stationed at Ain al-Assad base do not have any information about the reasons for the arrival of these reinforcements, but they suggested that it may be an increase in the security fortifications on the base building.”

On Wednesday (October 18, 2023), the Iraqi Islamic Resistance claimed responsibility for targeting the American bases in Ain al-Assad and Harir in Iraqi Kurdistan, while the American forces vowed more operations, stressing that they would not stand by and watch the genocide taking place against the Palestinians in Gaza.