America Bomb (Chemtrail) The name may suggest that it is a game

America Bomb (Chemtrail) The name may suggest that it is a game


America Bomb Chemtrail The name may suggest that it is a gameAmerica’s bomb (chemtrail), the name may suggest that it is a game or the title of a horror movie, the weapon of the ecological future … the process of manipulating the weather, especially in areas that are not desirable for its policy

What is chemtrail? The name may suggest that it is a game or the title of a horror movie. The clean, strong and influential ecological future weapon that some countries possess, which is a type of gas, is used to create natural phenomena such as lightning, thunder, storms, hurricanes and earthquakes artificially. It can also spread drought and desertification, stop precipitation and cause terrible damage. In countries, chemtrail is also a chemical compound that can be disseminated from specific atmospheric altitudes to produce certain atmospheric phenomena, and depending on the objectives, the quantities of these compounds disseminated in the air differ. When the goal is “seeking” i.e. bringing rain, a mixture of silver iodide and potassium perchlorate is used to be sprayed on clouds and weighed Its weight, the wind is unable to carry it, and it rains, but if the quantities and quality of the composition differ, then the seeding technique turns into drying or drying and the emergence of other phenomena. The process of manipulating the weather, especially in areas whose policy is not desirable, and we had devoted the talk about the research program for the high-frequency aurora borealis “HAARP.” Chemtrail gas is the latest weapon of mass destruction…Chemtrill gas is the latest weapon of mass destruction, and it is the fourth generation of it after biological and chemical weapons And nuclear, and the first appearance of chemtrail gas was in 1996. It is an industrial cloud launched by jet planes. The name Chemtrail consists of two syllables: chem and trail, meaning the trail to become (the chemical trail), which is an abbreviation for “chemical trail”. It is similar, to a certain extent, to the phrase “contrail”, which refers to the output of the well-known jet plane, consisting of frozen carbon dioxide gas and water vapor, which vanishes after several minutes, while chemtrail gas remains for long hours.

The Iraqi leaving Iraq, and the foreigner entering it, is surprised by the big difference between the airspace of Iraq and the airspace of neighboring countries, including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iran and Kuwait, and the observer of Iraqi territory from a plane, whether he is traveling abroad or an expatriate, knows that fact, and the dust and heat stop at the border Iraq does not come out of it, and the truth is that the opinions of scholars and specialists refer to a number of factors affecting the environment of Iraq, the first of which is drought, lack of rain, and the receding of the green carpet in Iraq.But the Iraqi aeronautical engineering scientist and a graduate of a Russian university, and after a long study and research, confirmed that the cause of these atmospheric environmental phenomena in Iraq, which distinguished it from its international environment, is chemical (chemtrail), and every Iraqi knows this issue, but he lacks awareness of it. Iraq spreads thick white gas over the Iraqi regions, and this gas condenses and increases in size, and a dusty, hot, dry and arid day comes after it, and the winter of Iraq for the current year 2010 bears witness to this matter. To dryness and heat, otherwise who would believe that Iraq is a country of rain (cold rainy winter) as the geographical sciences that Iraqis have studied since time immemorial say, it turns into dry hot winter until the date of 10/12/2010 and the sky did not fall a single drop of rain over Iraq and the temperature still ranges At 22_27 ° C.So, let us follow up on what is the chimerail that the American or other planes spread in the skies of Iraq. How is that? The planes carrying the compound “chemetrile” gas are released into the air, and the air temperature drops to 7 C, as the components of the industrial cloud block the sun’s rays from the ground, and the air humidity decreases to 30% due to its absorption with aluminum oxide, turning it into aluminum hydroxide as well as the work of fine dust of aluminum oxide as a mirror that reflects the sun’s rays into space again. The “stratosphere” layer, to which winds were blown from areas of high atmospheric pressure, and this situation caused a change in the usual paths of winds at that time of the year, and the sky lost its well-known blue color to a light gray that tends to white.He says, “Thunderbolts are one of the dangerous side effects of spraying chemtrail from the troposphere and its union with salts and barium oxide with carbon dioxide, which are factors of global warming.

dry without any rain falling, as happened in Basel in Switzerland, in the US state of Alaska, in Egypt on May 18, 2005, and in Germany on May 12, 2000.” Despite these catastrophic effects, this does not mean that chemtrail is evil in itself, if we consider its effective role in reducing the global warming phenomenon that the world suffers from, and it can be used to block the sun’s rays from the earth and use fine particles of aluminum oxide as a mirror that reflects the rays the sun to outer space to lower the air temperature on Earth. Dangerous Confessions In a lecture delivered by Colonel (Tamzi House), a general of the US Army and published on the US Air Force website, he revealed that the United States will be able in 2025 to control the weather of any region in the world through non-nuclear military technology that is launched from storage tanks. Attached to jet planes, pointing out that the United States is seeking to use chemtrail technology as part of its main tools for future wars, after having tried it in Iraq and Afghanistan since 1991. In his lecture, he mentioned the Pentagon’s recommendation to the US Air Force to use weather control weapons to launch artificial natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, or drought, in addition to recommending the start of a media activity aimed at preparing the American citizen to accept such inventions for weather suitable for a better life, and then persuade the American citizen to use these weapons. To protect him from “terrorists”.

Chemtrail facts What happened in Iraq on January 28, 1991 when American planes released chemtrail gas over the Iraqi sky after loading it with the active strain of a genetically engineered microbe on behalf of the US Department of Defense for use in biological warfare, after Washington vaccinated the American soldiers with the protective vaccine From this microbe before they were sent to the battlefield, and despite that, 47% of the American soldiers returned infected with the disease, while the US Ministries of Defense and Health claimed that it was an unknown disease called “Gulf disease” and it was rumored that it was caused by types of chemical gases generated by firing ammunition The new bullets are super tough.Soon, the truth about this disease was revealed by the American doctor, Garth Nicholson, who presented a research in which he referred to the diseases caused by chemtrail gas in the places where it was released, including nosebleeds, influenza epidemics, and temporary memory loss, also indicating the possibility of “AIDS” due to excess barium. In the human body. And it seems that the pharmaceutical companies are one of the beneficiaries of this dangerous weapon, as Dr. Al-Husseini indicated that the major drug companies are keen to participate in financing the “Chemtrile” project at a billion dollars annually, because with the spread of side effects of spraying Chemtril worldwide Sales of these giant companies will increase globally due to the sale of anti-symptomatic drugs.What are the expected results according to Iraqi experts and specialists? The current year will not witness much rain or cold, and the next summer of 2011 will be one of the harshest seasons, with heat, disease, drought, and dust among the years and seasons that passed through Iraq throughout its history, and the number of insects, such as mosquitoes, flies, and the like, will multiply tenfold. Because the rains that used to destroy the eggs and incubators of insects will not play their role this year due to the disappearance of the rains, and therefore the numbers will multiply, just as the dust and storms coming from western Iraq will continue, not as it was in previous years when it blows once a week. In terms of other disasters, diseases and epidemics It will also spread, including meningitis, which is transmitted by a genetically modified microbe carried by chemtrail gases, in addition to diarrhea and fever, which are expectations that some may see as gloomy, but unfortunately they are true.And the year 2011 will witness a population migration from rural areas far from water sources and estuaries to areas close to rivers near the capital Baghdad and its suburbs. It is expected that the Euphrates will stop at Hilla Governorate, while the Tigris will stop and end at Wasit Governorate.

We believe, that the Russian, Donbasi, Zaporozhye and Kherson people will achieve victory in their just war against the Banderian/terrorist regime with the aim of liberation from this parasitic, thieving and Neonazi regime. And as we believe, the fate of Ukraine in the end is that Ukraine is no longer as a country as it was before February / 2022, or its fate is disintegration or disappearance from the geographical / political map. And that America and its savage allies will all lose their unfair war against the Donbass and the Russian people. Because the Russian Federation has a large area that constitutes one-sixth of the world’s area, unlike London, Washington, Bonn, Paris, and Woo, and in the event that appropriate solutions are found to stop the American-Ukrainian war, America and its allies will lose the war by undermining the ruling regime in Ukraine, and the winner is the Russian, Donbasi, Ukrainian, Zaporozhye, and Kherson people, as well as all the peoples of the world in In the event that a major fire does not break out, which, if ignited, especially with nuclear weapons, would mean a great loss for all the peoples of the world, and America, its allies and NATO bear the responsibility for that. There is an objective fact, which is that a nuclear state has not and will not lose the war in principle.

It is noted that the empire of evil, lies and criminality seeks to complicate and strain political and economic relations with the People’s Republic of China over Taiwan, and this non-scientific and irrational policy is also doomed to failure because this wrong policy by the hawks of the American war-industrial complex and the hawks of the American administration and this dangerous and disastrous approach will strengthen Strengthening relations and cooperation in all fields between Moscow and Beijing. The near future will reveal many surprises about that? .