Allawi’s coalition put forward four proposals to amend the constitution

Allawi’s coalition put forward four proposals to amend the constitution


Allawis coalition put forward four proposals to amend the constitutionInformation / Baghdad..
On Sunday, the National Coalition presented a set of proposals regarding amendments to the Iraqi constitution, indicating that the proposals will be presented to other political blocs.

In a statement received by the committee, the committee stated, “The committee formed to discuss the constitutional amendments met to put forward recommendations, proposals, and basic laws that require some amendments to them, foremost of which is determining the number of members of the House of Representatives by a definite number that is not related to the number of the population, and that the election of governors be by direct vote and not by councils.” provinces”.

The committee discussed “legislating a law to form a general command of the armed forces that includes the fighting crowd and the Peshmerga, in addition to activating other important laws, including the oil and gas law, the wealth distribution law, and the Federation Council law.”

The committee indicated that “these recommendations will be discussed with the rest of the political blocs for the purpose of presenting them to the three presidencies and presenting them to the public opinion.”

And she noted that the meeting was “chaired by Sherwan Al-Waeli and in the presence of the leader of the coalition, Iyad Allawi, and a number of national political, trade union and academic figures, and representatives of peaceful demonstrators at the coalition’s headquarters in Baghdad.